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Reason to make babies while on holiday
by Cheryl Lim

INTERNATIONAL resort chain Club Med has introduced a programme called Made In Club Med, where children can stay at the resorts for free – as long as they were conceived on a Club Med resort.

The promotion, specially tailored for the Singapore market, is valid only for next year.

Couples who can prove that they conceived their child next year at any of the 80 Club Med resorts worldwide can have their child accorded Club Med Kid status until the child turns six years old.

That child will enjoy free stays at any of four Club Med resorts in the Asia-Pacific region, comprising Bali, Phuket, Cherating Beach and Bintan.

Mr Kenny Lim, general manager of Club Med Singapore, said: “Club Med Singapore is the first to launch this innovative programme, and it is a cheeky play on Singapore’s issues with low birth rates, and how family reproduction seems to be a topic of national interest.”

Married Singaporeans tend to spend too much time at work, and what they really need is to “take time off work and stress occasionally, and go to a resort to reconnect and bond with their partners”, he added.

The idea was Mr Lim’s brainchild. Earlier this year, he had met an old friend over drinks. The friend lamented how he had tried for a child for years without success.

“I jokingly told him to book a five-night holiday with Club Med with his wife, and that I would guarantee success. I’d also give his child free stays at Club Med as he or she grew up,” said Mr Lim with a laugh.

To qualify for the programme, couples must present their child’s birth certificate to prove that the date of birth follows eight to nine months after the parents’ Club Med stay.

The promotion is valid for couples who hold Singapore citizenship and foreigners who have a Singapore residential address.

They stand to save up to $245 a night – the cost of a child’s package at Club Med Phuket.

They would save about $110, $159 and $198 a night on a child’s package to Club Med in Cherating Beach, Bintan and Bali, respectively.

Club Med sells packages per person and, for kids, this means that leisure activities as well as meals and accommodation would be paid for.

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For more information, call Club Med on 1800-CLUB-MED (1800-2582-633).

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