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Sat, Jan 16, 2010
Simply Her
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SEX CRIME #3: You fake the big O

Despite your good intentions, faking an orgasm is a major sexual faux pas.

When your man just spent a good 45 minutes trying to get your toes to tingle, you feel bad that you’re bored, not to mention cramping up.

So you squeak out a fake O to soothe his ego and to get it over with. One fake O begets another fake O.

After all, your partner thinks you’re getting off on his sexual expertise, so he doesn’t see any reason to vary his repertoire.

Over time, you’ll get more frustrated and resentful that you aren’t enjoying sex, and when you finally let on that you’ve been lying all along, things could get ugly and hurtful.

“When you fake an orgasm, you’re essentially putting on a show for the benefit of your partner. Whatever your reasons, you’re essentially lying to your partner and, more importantly, to yourself,” says Dr Lee.

Daniel adds that by faking orgasms, you’re subconsciously conditioning your brain to dislike sex. “Before you even start, your mind is already focused on ending it, so it becomes increasingly difficult to get aroused and stimulated during sex,” he says.

Daniel suggests communicating in a sensual manner to your partner how you would like him to touch or pleasure you with phrases like, “It feels good when you do that” or “Baby, you can arouse me by doing this”.

“Use your hand to guide him or give him verbal instructions or encouragement. When you enjoy what he’s doing to you, you become more spontaneous, which in turn spurs him on,” says Daniel.

Moreover, it’ll turn him on because there’s nothing sexier than a woman who takes charge of her own sexual pleasure.

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