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Sun, Jan 24, 2010
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Mum prefers rich man for her daughter

M IS lovely and caring. She is always there to comfort me. We have fallen in love, but she is my relative’s daughter and tradition does not allow us to be together.

Her family is quite rich, while mine is average. Our relatives have seen us out together and have started gossiping. They say that I am after her money.

Her mum is materialistic and is on the lookout for a rich man for her daughter. This hurts me as I’m highly educated and a professional with a bright future.

They are not thinking of their daughter’s happiness and think money can buy everything. Her mum has forbidden us to see each other, but we continue to text and call each other.

She has asked me to wait for her. What should I do?

Frustrated Over Love

IF blood ties are the issue, then you have a big problem. However, if money is the stumbling block, then you should not be too concerned.

While relatives do marry, many people still worry. Those who choose to marry are advised to have medical checks to ensure that there will not be any complications when they want to have children.

As a professional with a bright future, you should hold your head high and not bother with the malicious talk. Love should never be measured against wealth.

Your girlfriend must be a very filial daughter as many young women are rarely so docile. If she is not locked away, how could she be stopped from seeing you?

When you have to fight for love, both of you must be strong and ready to confront anger, rejection, tears and guilt rants.

However, love can crumble under immense pressure. If your gal is young and emotionally fragile, do not push her. Take a break from the relationship until the wrath of her mother is appeased. In the meantime, work hard and concentrate on your career.

Be nice to your relatives but do not allow them to trample on your merits. Patience will find love. If it’s not meant to be her, at least you know that you have tried your best.

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