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Sat, Jan 30, 2010
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More S'poreans are using social networking tools to date, propose

More Singaporeans are using social networking tools to date, and even propose online.

In a survey by Windows Live, in which 700 Singaporeans were polled, 90.6 per cent have said that they would use Instant Messenger (IM) to ask someone out on a date.

Not only do many people feel it is acceptable to start a relationship online, a quarter of respondents surveyed (24%) said that they would film their most intimate moments via webcam and share it via IM.

Out of those surveyed, 5.9 per cent would even propose online.

Almost 60 per cent of Singaporeans also admitted to flirting with someone other than their partner online.

However, while most think it is acceptable to ask someone out online, only a third of Singaporeans (33.6%) would actually break up with someone over IM.

Windows Live believes that in today's dating scene, guys are more likely to ask for a girl’s Windows Live Messenger details rather than asking for her phone number.

People are now dating online before they even meet their ‘partner’ in person.

But how do you know when to take that online relationship a step further? Here are some tips from on MSN that tell you when the time is right to meet ‘offline’:

1. Sparks are flying

Come on, even through innocent email flirting, you can tell if your guy is ‘Boomz’ or cold fish. If it's sizzling online, just think what could happen without a computer between you.

2. Building anticipation

Are you giddy every time you get an instant message? Are you disappointed if it's just your colleague in the next cubicle? You know you've got to see this person, even if it's just to satisfy your curiosity.

3. Marathon phone calls

Maybe the two of you have already made the leap from cyberspace to mobile phone. You enjoy talking so much that you're not even agitated when he / she calls after midnight, when you’re asleep. You could spend the next week having long conversations reminiscing about your university days or instead go out on a real date.

4. Dropping hints

Has he / she asked you questions like, "Hey, have you tried that new Italian restaurant at Dempsey?", and then not followed up with an official invite?

He /she is probably just testing the waters, and obviously a little shy.

Offer some help next time and reply with, "No, I haven't, but we should go sometime."

If the signs are there and you decide to meet offline, plan your get together in a public place, or part of a bigger group. You could choose one of the restaurants that you’ve discussed online.

Meeting someone online is a great way to screen prospective dates, but eventually you've got to move it offline. And seriously, kissing a person is better than hugging a keyboard.

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