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Mon, Feb 01, 2010
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Desperate male in relationships with three women

FOR over a month now, I’ve been having a sexual relationship with A, a divorcee with two young kids. It seems to me she just likes to have sex, every night and morning. But that bothers me and makes me feel like a machine.

I’m not complaining because she’s good in bed. However, her snoring keeps me awake every night as I am a light sleeper. She drives a BMW and I drive a Kancil. Our friends do not approve of our relationship and we’re currently taking a break from each other.

There is B, who is also single and thirty-something. She says I am suitable as a boyfriend and husband. But I am wary of her as she seems like a suspicious person; she is also from a different culture and religion. Sex-wise she is not experienced and I found it a bit unsatisfying.

B has a deep fear of being not well-off financially and seems to want a more stable future. So she broke up with me but still wants to remain friends. (All girls say this, right?)

Unfortunately, there is also C, who has been a friend for longer than the above two. She has been sad since I got to know her because her boyfriend of over 10 years is carrying on with another girl. We have not had sex but have been naked together.

Recently I’ve been aware that C wants me because I can pay for our dinners together and spend some time with her after work.

Should I just stay single and concentrate on improving my career and not waste resources on relationships that probably won’t last? Or should I start looking around again as my parents are quite worried that I won’t get married?

A 30-something male

IT’S your choice to hunt or stay single. Is your career more important or do you feel that you need to make your parents happy? At this point, you seem a discouraged male.

A expected too much sex and snored. B was a wrong match and sexually disappointing; she wanted financial security and chose to break off with you. C has a boyfriend but didn’t mind free dinners and time out with you. Overall, you seem suspicious, wary and unsure of the right woman for you.

If you choose to look around again, you need to reassess you own expectations first before getting involved. What woman can pass your requirements? If you want someone sexually adventurous, does not snore, is compatible culturally and religion-wise, loves you for yourself and does not scrounge off you, then perhaps you should concentrate on your career.

Sorry, but you need to drop your guard to allow love and emotions to take over. Being so careful and calculating will not make you attractive to the opposite sex. Prince Charming you are not, if you continue to be picky, or whine about your women.

If a woman is sweet, wonderful and loves you madly, does it matter if she snores? And if she wants to spend time with you, is paying for her dinner too much? Hey, be more suave and perhaps then your ex-girlfriends may fall in love with you all over again.

Possibly, you have yet to meet the right gal. So relax, get going on your career and love opportunities will knock on your heart. When you least expect romance, you will not be watching out too closely for flaws.

readers' comments
A has money, want only sexual satisfaction.
B believes money is more important than feeling.
C is willing to give herself for free dinner and time together.
This poor lucky chap has the worst class of woman surrounding him.
Posted by Singasoft on Mon, 1 Feb 2010 at 22:15 PM
You dont deserve GUY to console your happening!!!

Is any guy there, hate to have sex with woman even like machine? So! dont complaint!!!

Pay to woaqmn if you nare having sex regularly is so big big deal!!!??? If dont have secx, you should have paid for them as you are enjoying eating with your love one!!! and envy those guy eating alone but maybe have $$$ too!!

You are really disgrace to me!!! I treat gals with meal is not for SEX.

Confirmed that you are making A as sex chicken which no different from Geylang ones since you hate her snore.

You and C really can naked ewithout doing anything? I believed you are probia since A has overwhelming your SEX drive. So Poor C got nothing left and B for sure .....
Posted by JusticeVin on Mon, 1 Feb 2010 at 19:52 PM
This is another Ian Fleming's "Tomorrow Never Die" script.
Interesting but not factual. The answer would be obvious. Just go for the BMW lady. Afterall, what is the worth of 1 kg of true gold love ?
Posted by mountaingoat on Mon, 1 Feb 2010 at 16:12 PM

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