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Mon, Feb 08, 2010
The Daily Chilli
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Interview with Mr and Mrs Oxide Pang

It’s official - Lee Sinje is now Mrs Oxide Pang. The couple said "I do" in a romantic island wedding in Pangkor Laut Resort on Saturday morning.

The private ceremony, which ended with the Chinese tradition of the bride and groom serving tea to show their respect to the elders, was witnessed by their close family members and friends, including Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leung, Charlie Yeung and Taiwanese artiste Renee Liu.

Also present to give her blessings is nine-year-old Pang Xing Xing, Oxide's daughter from his previous relationship. The little girl moved Sinje to tears when she called her "Mummy".

"I'm over the moon," wrote the 34-year-old actress in an e-mail. "He (Oxide) has a big heart, so generous that he allows me to grow with a lot of love for the past seven years that we’re together."

But forget about the low-profile couple sealing their love in expensive diamonds. Always a minimalist, Sinje has chosen a pair of simple jade rings, which she bought from India, as their wedding bands.

Sinje and Oxide met and fell in love on the set of the horror flick, The Eye. He was her director, and she was his leading lady. And it was their blockbuster hit that propelled them to superstardom.

"Both of us have gone through so much together," said Sinje. "I was so excited about marrying him that I couldn't sleep well the night before the wedding. This is the perfect union that I've always wanted in my life. I will cherish it for as long as I live."

Of course, Oxide was also full of praisesfor his blushing bride. "Sinje has sacrificed so much for me," he told Sin Chew Daily in a separate interview.

"I'm beyond gratitude. At the height of her career, she opted to care for Xing Xing while I was busy with my film projects.

"I felt bad that I had held her back, because Sinje is incredibly gifted and she could achieve so much as an actress. But she told me my daughter is her daughter too. So I've promised myself I will take good care of Sinje for the rest of my life."

The newlyweds will stay on at Pangkor Laut Resort until Monday before jetting off to an undisclosed location for their honeymoon.

"But don’t worry, my husband and I will be back in Malaysia on time for Chinese New Year," Sinje assured her fans.

May they live happily ever after.


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- A legally single man
- Got enough wealth to ensure peaceful life till death
- Strong enough to work as a bull
- Got some social status will be ideal

for me...too...I will also cry.....
Posted by Little_GreenDOT on Mon, 8 Feb 2010 at 12:48 PM

Stardom does not equate to superstar!!!

You are simply displaying your ignorance and in case you asked, i am not a fan of SinJe, neither do i know Oxide.

btw, i am a fan of no celebrity!!! You save quite a fair bit for not being a fan of anyone...
Posted by ItsMyView on Mon, 8 Feb 2010 at 10:21 AM
erm ..who are they? ... propelled to stardom???!!
Posted by Quitter on Mon, 8 Feb 2010 at 09:07 AM

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