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Mon, Dec 13, 2010
The New Paper
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Ella Chen: 'I'm terrible with children in real life'

IT’S extremely rare for Taiwanese idol dramas to run a two-week long “making-of” special prior to the actual series airing.

But when your two leads happen to be boy band F4’s handsome frontman Jerry Yan and pop gal trio S.H.E’s chirpy Ella Chen, it’s not surprising that the producers decided to milk it for all it’s worth.

Taiwanese fans were glued to the gogglebox as they waited with bated breath for the premiere of Down With Love, which is currently showing over Channel U.


Ella, 28, was confident that she’s offering something new to television viewers.

In an interview with U-Weekly, she said: “It’s been two years since I last acted in an idol drama. This time round, the production process provided me with lots of new challenges.

“I hope audiences will love the character I play. It’s very different from my previous roles.”

In Down With Love, Ella plays the love interest of Jerry’s lawyer character.

Portrayed as a strong-willed, independent woman, she has to single- handedly look after Jerry’s niece and nephew.

Jerry, 33, said he’s “a big kid at heart” and had no problems interacting with the energetic tots.

But Ella admitted that working with the two child actors gave her a “massive headache” as she’s “terrible with kids” in real life.

“Kids that age (5 and 6) drive me mad,” she exclaimed.

“I am really terrible when it comes to looking after them.

“(Fellow S.H.E member) Selina is much better in this aspect. If it was her in my shoes, she would have done a wonderful job.”

Ella faced a different kind of challenge in one particularly difficult scene when she had to lift a 20kg refrigerator.

“I knowI’m a tomboy, but physically, I am definitely still a girl,” she said with a laugh. “The refrigerator was a prop, but gosh, even though it was fake, it was still so heavy.

“Plus, I had to walk a short distance with it on my back. After completing the scene, I was exhausted.

But I felt immense satisfaction. She added: “At that moment, I felt I was Super woman.”

As for Jerry, he had his own set of obstacles to overcome for the show.

In order to perfect his role as a lawyer, he had tomemorise complicated legal jargon and brush up on his enunciation of certain words. “I tend to speak very slowly, but in the show, there were many times when I had to speak super fast and still remain calm and emotionless,” he explained.

His performance has received heaps of praise so far. Ms Ke Yi-Chin, the producer of Down With Love, said: “I promise you that you’d be utterly impressed with Jerry.

“With this role, he totally changes the perception most people have ofhimas an actor.”

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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