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Wed, Mar 03, 2010
The New Paper
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There's more to life than having nice breasts

SHE put on 5kg after she was cast as the younger Rose Chan in Eric Khoo’s The Charming Rose, a biopic on the voluptuous Malaysian striptease queen of the ’50s.

Casting was last December. Filming for the movie is slated for June.

Now, Malaysian actress Christy Yow has to lose the extra weight she put on and more, thanks to her latest movie Ge Ai (literally translated as Cut Love) which starts filming next week.

The sexy lass, who is known for her 36C assets, had accepted the role of a model in the film last month.

So after indulging in her favourite foods like sandwiches and pasta for the last few weeks, she now has to hit the gym daily and diet.

It’s rather a tall order for the 1.69m-tall Christy.

She has been given two weeks to get back to 47kg from 52kg.

Christy, 24, told The New Paper in a phone interview: “I really enjoyed the putting-on-weight part as I love to eat. The role of Rose Chan gave me the licence to binge.

“I won’t exactly say it’s frustrating that I now have to lose the weight that I piled on. I accept it as being part and parcel of my job.”

Ge Ai – a Health Promotion Board-funded Clover Films movie – centres around a 40-year-old woman’s struggle with breast cancer and how she inspires those around her.

The mother-of-two is played by Zoe Tay.

Christy said she had also gone up one bra cup size since she put on weight and is now a 36D.

Since some reports have linked bigger breasts with a higher risk of breast cancer, does she have fears of developing the disease?

Christy said she didn’t know about the link and she’s not overly worried as she does regular breast self-examinations in the shower.

She had searched for articles that explained the procedure thoroughly and does the checks daily for up to five minutes.

There will be no scenes in the movie requiring her to bare her breasts, though her character will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Christy said she would be willing to shave her head if her role requires it.

“Wearing a cap would not be as realistic. I want to show the audience the true reality of being a bald person.

“Going without hair is not a problem for me at all.”

What stressed her out more was the fact that she would be acting with the
renowned Zoe.

“I have so much pressure on myself. What if I do something wrong? What if I delay the filming?

“I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Zoe’s, but I really look up to her. I was so overwhelmed when I was first told that I had gotten the part.”

Her personal brush with breast cancer came when she found out that her friend’s 40-year-old mother had battled the disease and had one of her breasts removed.

Christy said that if she were in the same situation, she would still remain upbeat about life even though she admitted that she probably would have to switch careers.

What about fears that her boyfriend may leave her?

On true beauty
“True beauty is on the inside. So if my boyfriend leaves me because I lost one breast then he doesn’t deserve to be with me. Then I will thank God that this test was given.

“There are much more meaningful things in life than having nice breasts. Such as spending time with family and friends.”

So does the constant focus on her assets bug her at all?

After all, apart from a small role in Aunties United where she played a sweet young thing, her major movie roles so far are that of a stripper and a model who battles breast cancer.

Christy said she takes it as a compliment that people think she has a great figure.

“Apart from my looks, I’m also content with what I have. “I’m not too smart and not a bimbo either.”

“...If my boyfriend leaves me because I lost one breast then he doesn’t deserve to be with me.” -Christy Yow

This article was first published in The New Paper.



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