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Stories with this keyword: body

Picture of overweight girl in bikini gets popular
455,000 people have liked the picture and it has been shared 20,000 times.
Oli Pettigrew went from flab to fab
TV host Oli Pettigrew turns into well-chiselled hunk in eight weeks.
New Victoria's Secret model has the 'new Body'
That accolade has been previously reserved for supermodel Elle Macpherson. But Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani believes that 19-year-old Karlie Kloss is more deserving of it.
Mariah Carey hid pregnant body from hubby
At her heaviest, the singer was so insecure she even wore a towel to cover her body in the bathtub.
She'll sell her body for branded goods
A check by The New Paper under the "Personals" section showed that there were multiple offers of sex for money by both women and men.
Youths now are into billions, Benz, brains, body and bungalow
Malaysian youth today are all about the five "Bs" billions, Benz, brains, body and bungalow in a partner.
She envies Joanne Peh's body
Aspiring actress Melissa Faith Yeo is known for her good body, albeit with some help from silicone implants. So which Asian actress has the perfect body in her eyes?
Pregnant and proud of it
Celebrities have done it, and an increasing number of Singaporeans are also doing it. Would you be willing to flaunt your nude pregnant body?
Find out what your new body shape is
Instead of inanimate objects, women's body shapes should be seen as works of art, and Truimph presents the new categories which they named after famous artists.
No more or "pear-shaped" or "hourglass" bodies
Gone are the days of "apple-shaped", "pear-shaped" and "hourglass" bodies. Triumph brings on a new set of classifications named after the works of famous artists.

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