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updated 14 Feb 2010, 04:29
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Stories with this keyword: cheater

Husband keeps mum about her allegations
Max declined to comment on Madam Jane's allegations, saying this is a domestic matter.
Football hubby wanted to give me the 'beating of my life'
Madam Jane was accused of being a troublemaker when she reported the misconduct of the football players to the club.
Football hubby claims he was just "chit-chatting" with the other woman online
When Madam Jane confronted the foreign player about the other party, he said someone else was using his e-mail account to chat.
Woman claims football hubby's a cheater & beater
S-League player's wife reports him to police, claims team-mate also hit her.
Honey, I cheated but here's a diamond for you
Cheating husband soothed wife with over 40 pieces of jewellery worth S$712,355.

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