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Mon, Feb 08, 2010
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Football hubby claims he was just "chit-chatting" with the other woman online

Continuation of Madam Jane's story...


But she demurred for nearly two months before she was won over by his sincerity and persistence.

During their courtship, Madam Jane said Max asked her to marry him twice but she held back. She finally said yes last year. But just after the wedding last March, she said the relationship began to turn sour.

She said she became suspicious when she found the name of an unfamiliar woman on his Yahoo! Messenger account.

She decided to check the woman’s identity.

A month after that incident, Madam Jane, a credit controller at a multinational company here, said her sister-in-law saw Max with a young woman at a restaurant in Jalan Sultan.

When Madam Jane confronted her husband, she claimed he told her the woman was only a friend.

She said: “One evening, a friend called him to meet him at a coffee shop. He rushed out of our flat without switching off his computer.

“As I was suspicious of who he was chatting with, I went to his computer and found that he was still logged onto his Yahoo! account.

“When I checked his ‘Drafts’ folder, I saw records of Internet chats he had been having with a young woman. I forwarded them to my computer and printed out the records.”

When her husband returned home that day, she confronted him with the records.

She said: “At first, he denied the chats and claimed someone was using his e-mail address. But when I persisted, he admitted participating in the chats.

“When I asked him what I had done wrong to cause him to do these things, he said they were just ‘chit-chatting’ and he was not having sex with the woman.”

At around the same time, the couple moved from Madam Jane’s Jurong West HDB flat to a four-bedroom landed property 10 to 15 minutes’ walk away.

They took one bedroom. The other bedrooms were occupied by three other foreign footballers from the same club.

She said: “One of the footballers living there brought women home every two months or so, allegedly for sex. There were often other men in the house too and I was afraid some of them might be illegal immigrants.

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