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Stories with this keyword: soccer

Husband keeps mum about her allegations
Max declined to comment on Madam Jane's allegations, saying this is a domestic matter.
Football hubby wanted to give me the 'beating of my life'
Madam Jane was accused of being a troublemaker when she reported the misconduct of the football players to the club.
Football hubby claims he was just "chit-chatting" with the other woman online
When Madam Jane confronted the foreign player about the other party, he said someone else was using his e-mail account to chat.
Woman claims football hubby's a cheater & beater
S-League player's wife reports him to police, claims team-mate also hit her.
Hubby cheated on me like Tiger
They may not have the marquee names or fat bank accounts of EPL stars, but S'pore footballers still draw female groupies like 'bees to honey'.
What Jane wants
It's hard to believe a 24-year-old woman football fan could be so serious and rational.

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