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Say 'I do' one day? Yes, but...
Most singles are either waiting for right partner or delayed by career.
Desire to marry and start families still strong
Marriage aspirations remained strong as 83% indicated that they desired to get married.
Thai Muslim women criticise infidelity survey
According to the Durex survey, Thai women rank as the world's second most unfaithful lovers.
Many Thai Northeast women alcoholic
Many of these women drank because they wanted to socialise, keep up with friends or experiment.
Thais worry about wrinkles, not brains
Thais are more likely to worry about ageing skin and wrinkles than about mental deterioration.
Premarital sex is common, survey finds
The findings stand in stark contrast with a 1989 survey in which only 15 per cent of respondents said they had premarital sex.
Men and women in Singapore equally unfaithful
A poll of 506 Singaporeans has revealed current attitudes towards sex and relationships.
What men really care about in relationships
Nearly half of men questioned in the poll of 70,000 people said they would ditch a partner who gained weight, compared to only 20 per cent of women.
Relationships, love and money: What women really want
Does size matter? Will a relationship with income disparity work? What's the ultimate status symbol? 13,000 women share their opinions in a recent survey, with some astonishing results.
Ladies, know your investment ABCs
Singaporean women have strong basic money-management skills and the foresight to plan their finances for the future, but when it comes to investing, most are sadly lacking in knowledge, according to a survey.

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