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Wed, 25 Apr 2012
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Oddest items divorcing couples fight over

In a divorce, you would expect long disputes over money or assets like the family home.

But over toilet paper?

Some couples fight over the most trivial of things in a divorce, say some divorce lawyers.

"You'll be surprised at how 'kiddish' and 'petty' some couples can get upon a divorce," says Mr Lee Terk Yang, director of law firm Characterist LLC.

Mr Lee has seen a client whose estranged wife demanded a cuckoo clock, a black umbrella, a few rolls of toilet paper and the branded eye cream she had in the fridge before she moved out.

"Amazing, but true," says Mr Lee.

In the end, his client allowed his ex-wife into the house to retrieve her items.

In the UK, law firm Pannone reports that one in every five divorces involves petty tussles for ownership over the oddest items.

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Here are some of the weirdest items couples going through a divorce have fought over, as well as some of the strangest items celebrities have tussled over in their divorce settlement.

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Toilet paper (Photo: ST)
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