updated 28 Mar 2014, 18:05
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Online sex services on the rise (Sex goes online Pt 1)

Many netizens are up in arms over the recent spate of sex offers available online.

In this episode of Point Blank, RazorTV speaks to Singaporeans, a psychiatrist and a social escort.

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readers' comments

First World, so everything must be first mah... So the first country to setup government approved online prostitution sites, right?... Maybe Civil Servant can join also hor?....
Posted by kooldog59 on Sun, 4 Aug 2013 at 16:40 PM

What has attaining first world status got to do with licensing scheme?
Posted by punggol on Sun, 4 Aug 2013 at 16:21 PM

Do you mean our government will setup a licensing scheme here for these internet sites?....
Posted by kooldog59 on Sun, 4 Aug 2013 at 16:16 PM
Be extreme careful..under girl can land one kn big trouble..
Posted by hfourhappy on Sun, 4 Aug 2013 at 16:11 PM
If online sex services on the rise, then we have attained First World status
Posted by punggol on Sun, 4 Aug 2013 at 16:08 PM
even stray dogs need sex hor :eek::cool:
Posted by baoxingtian on Fri, 2 Aug 2013 at 20:00 PM

To be frank, I think the authorities are doing their best already because the internet really cannot be controlled...I think the best way is by education, but how can a "quick-fix" government accept this?...
Posted by kooldog59 on Fri, 2 Aug 2013 at 19:07 PM


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