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Fri, 18 Jan 2013
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Marriage and kids not on the cards for DJ Rosalyn Lee, 33
by Juliana June Rasul

Single ladies, take note.

When you first meet the man of your dreams, you could be totally unimpressed.

Or, in local DJ Rosalyn Lee's case, think that he bats for the other team.

If you haven't noticed, the zany 33-year-old has been a more smiley, calmer person of late both in person and at events - though her notorious potty mouth is still running quite rampant.

It's all down to the latest man in her life, Singapore-born shutterbug Kevin Ou, 33, who gave up his successful celebrity photography career in Los Angeles to move to Singapore last year.

But Lee divulged that when they first met in a photo studio to work on the Singapore Red Cross' Because We Are One campaign, which raised funds for the victims of the Japanese earthquake in 2011, she was put off by Ou's over-the-top personality.

"This guy walked into the room, he was slightly late, and he was like (with exaggerated hand gestures) 'Hi, thanks so much for coming'," the 987FM DJ told The New Paper in a recent interview, rolling her eyes.

"He was so flamboyant. I just thought, 'Okay, cut the crap, let's just take the photos and be done with it.'"

It was her friend Alvin Khoo, the lead guitarist of local band 53A, who had suggested to Lee that she be part of the campaign - which included celebrities like Fiona Xie, Taufik Batisah and Denise Keller - as he was friends with Ou.

Ou had previously spent 13 years in Los Angeles photographing music stars like 50 Cent and P. Diddy.

Almost two years on, the couple are blissfully cosied up in an apartment in Geylang.

But they had to overcome not-so-great first impressions.

"I gave him such a black face during that first photoshoot, because I hate photoshoots", said Lee.

There was also residual heartbreak from a previous relationship of Ou's, and the DJ and photographer had to go through almost a year's worth of uncertainty over their long-distance relationship before they decided to commit to each other early last year.

Despite the initial lack of interest, the pair did exchange numbers after the Red Cross photoshoot and realised, after a few days, that their SMSes had run into the thousands.

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