updated 16 Apr 2013, 11:24
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Wed, 10 Apr 2013
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7 signs that you're in love

How to know if you're falling for someone

They say that when you meet the one you just know.

Yet they also told us that a certain jolly man who wears a red suit was real and they sure got that wrong.

So, we're almost certain that if they can be mistaken about that, then they can be wrong about instantly knowing if you're in love with the one.

Here we show you seven signs that you are head over heels in love, so that you can know for sure if it's love or if it's just lust.

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Television stars Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh recently announced that they are dating. How did their 10-year friendship turn to love? tells us the 7 clear signs that you are in love.
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