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Thu, Aug 12, 2010
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BR Rose collection by Japanese Designer, Mika Kido

Specially created by Japanese Jewellery Designer, Mika Kido, this collection is inspired by the beautiful appearance of roses which is a symbol of royalty, nobility and luxury.

A rose whose beauty and elegance outshines the rest, the Brilliant Rose® diamond is an extraordinary creation that is more brilliant than any other round diamond.

As diamonds and roses are universally associated with elegant and luxury, their beauty is recognized as crème de la crème in its own class. The combination for patented 66-facet Brilliant Rose which symbolized love for eternity and Rose which enchants people is the creation of the ultimate rose every woman should receive in her lifetime.

The BR Rose collection, priced from $1,069, comes with a limited edition handcrafted packaging box from Japan. This collection is available at Brilliant Rose® flagship store at Marina Bay Sands and all Soo Kee Jewellery showrooms.

Love never withers, so is Brilliant Rose®.

About Brilliant Rose®

Created in 1996 by a team of master artisans led by Simon Levi and Avraham Namdar, the Brilliant Rose® cut one of the most significant breakthroughs in diamond cutting technology since the turn of the last century. The perfect symmetry of 8 additional facets at the pavilion is mathematically calculated to significantly alter the pat of light entering the diamond, reflecting off the diamond’s core

axis and radiating directly out as a starburst of intense brilliance. Because of its symmetrically aligned facets, the Brilliant Rose® is internationally known as the “Cut of Ultimate Brilliance” as it promises its wearer, a diamond that scintillates beyond compare.

“An innovation in the art and technology of diamond cutting, it boldly redefines the tradition of the ideal round cut diamond first introduce in 1919,” says Simon Levi.

Not every diamond rough can become a Brilliant Rose®. Only 0.04 per cent of the world’s rarest diamond of remarkable quality handpicked through a stringent process of at least 4 months is chosen to become Brilliant Rose®.

Every diamond’s intrinsic colour and clarity is determined by nature — but the full potential of its brilliance can only be achieved with the skill of a master artisan. Only a handful of the world’s most respected diamond cutters with at least ten years of experience are qualified to cut a Brilliant Rose®.

Each Brilliant Rose® takes five times longer to cut than a triple excellent conventional round diamond. Coupled with the skill of the diamond cutters, the result of the Brilliant Rose® diamond is stunning beautifully with perfection in light performance, proportion and finish.

Every Brilliant Rose® is laser-inscribed at its girdle with a unique identification number and exclusive hallmark as a proof of authenticity and ownership to the Brilliant Rose®. Accompanied with a Diamond Certification stating its cut, color, clarity and carat, you will also find the exact characteristics of your Brilliant Rose®.

This diamond is one that is for eternity – love never withers, so is Brilliant Rose®. It has become a preferred choice for engagement ring. “Considering its special cut as well as its romantic inspiration, this diamond is definitely meaningful in many ways,” says Kate Ang, Brand Manager of Soo Kee Jewellery. “It’s the ultimate rose any woman should receive in her lifetime.”

Available in ten countries including New York, South Africa, Tokyo and Seoul, Brilliant Rose® is exclusively distributed by Soo Kee Jewellery in Singapore, Malaysia and China.


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