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Mon, Jan 17, 2011
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This wacky host is a devoted mum

VIVIAN Lai, known for her "silly girl" image, has captured viewers' hearts with her crazy antics as a wacky host.

But though she often behaves on TV like a child who will never grow up, in reality, the 35-year-old actress from Taiwan is a devoted mother of two,who strikes a balance between family and career.

What do you think your chances are at being nominated Best Host for the upcoming Star Awards?

I don't think my chances are high, as most of the shows that I have hosted are sponsored ones. But I think my chances of being nominated as one of the Top 20 favourite female artistes are pretty good. I've already received six awards for Top 10 favourite female artistes and I place all ofthem inmyliving room. They are put in an obvious spot so that everyone can see them. If you get such awards, it's a must to let everyone have a look.

When you attend the Star Awards, does fengshui dictate what clothes and accessories you wear?

I always think that if I don a bright and colourful outfit, I have a better chance of winningan award. So every year, I tell the stylist to dress me in something bright and colourful, such as red and pink dresses. I always try to avoid dark colours.

Have you ever considered quitting to become a housewife?

My husband has brought it up before, but I said no as I really don't think I'll be able to do it in the long term. Actually,from the start of last year, I have already accepted less work as mydaughter is going to primary school, so I have to take time out to take her to and from school.

Do you have more stable working hours hosting a variety show as compared to filming a TV series?

To be honest, it's harder to look after your family if you are filming a TV series. Sometimes, the filming will last till midnight. By the time you get home, the children will be asleep. For variety shows, usually we get to knock off at 5 or 6pm when there's, say,no overseas trips or night-market filming. So, yes, the hours are more fixed.


This article was translated from the latest issue of U-Weekly, which is out on news-stands.

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