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Sat, Jan 12, 2013
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Pillars of hopelessness
by Syahirah Anwar

SINGAPORE - This couple had seen the grand pillars and balcony in the photo and believed the wedding planner would deliver that quality.

Instead, they got a flat board-like replica. Mechanic Chua Md Syafidi, 23, and his bride, nurse Nur Shahidah Tahar, 24, had their hearts set on an extravagant garden-theme wedding, but they were disappointed with what they saw.

Enchanted Wedding delivered a white backdrop with mock windows and two stands covered in white cloth.

The couple, who held their wedding at a community centre on Dec 29 last year, had paid $3,675 for decoration services.

The groom waited nine hours for the wedding planners and their team to arrive on the eve of the wedding.

At 7pm, only an assistant showed up, but she had no clue what was going on - she didn't know about the arrangements of the props or the colour scheme.

Said Mrs Nur Shahidah: "We hired the wedding planners so that our decor would be fully taken cared of.

"We were promised that one of the wedding planners would be there.

"But in the end, they sent someone who knew nothing and had just been told to show up. My family members had to instruct the team and the crew got frustrated with us."

There was not enough materials to do up the whole hall and they had to borrow some from their caterer.

The couple had learnt of Enchanted Wedding through a wedding expo and had held many discussions with the planners before the big day.

Mr Chua told The New Paper that when he called the wedding planners, they gave him a variety of excuses.

He said: "What's the point of all the planning and designing, and paying them so much, if at the end of the day, they just put up something lousy?

"How is what they put up anywhere close to a garden theme or what they promised us?"

Mr Chua told TNP that he is trying to get some form of compensation from the company.

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