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Wed, Jan 09, 2013
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Wrong wedding cake, stale food
by Syahirah Anwar

SINGAPORE - It was the first wedding in their family, but these proud parents were left in a lurch when the planner did not provide enough food.

Even the food that was served was unacceptable.

To make matters worse, the names and date on the wedding cake were wrong.

Mr Mohd Salleh Mohd, 58, a clerk, and his wife Madam Sulaimah Jasmani, 50, hosted the wedding reception for their son and daughter-in-law - Muhd Saiful Anuar, 28, and Erlyna Jaafar, 25 - on Dec 30 last year.

Madam Sulaimah, a housewife, told The New Paper that they had signed up for a full package with Enchanted Wedding, which included food for 1,000 people, decor and entertainment.

The package cost $15,400 and they had paid $13,100. They are holding the balance because they feel that the company did not uphold its end of the contract.

Madam Sulaimah said the food was mostly finished two hours after they started serving, and by then, they had only received about 300 guests.

Although they were angry and upset with the planner, they tried to salvage the situation.

Family and friends cooked up fried noodles after rushing to a supermarket to buy the ingredients.

They also had to top up on drinks, ice cubes and tissue boxes.

Madam Sulaimah also said the beef dish they ordered smelled bad and the bonesteak was soaking in oil.

The gado-gado dish, which was supposed to be a mix of a variety of vegetables and peanut sauce, had just the rice cakes and half-cooked sauce.

There was also no sign of the fruit and desserts that they had been promised.

Said Madam Sulaimah: "It was so embarrassing for us. It's the first wedding we were celebrating in our family and they (Enchanted Wedding) ruined it.

"People will always remember what a disaster the wedding turned out to be. I really don't know where to put my face."

She also had to wash all the tablecloths provided by the company as they were dirty.

"The wedding planners were supposed to take care of everything so it'd be easy for us. But in the end, we had to do everything ourselves," she said.

When TNP spoke to her on Thursday, she said that the family was still trying to get in touch with Enchanted Wedding to seek compensation.

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