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Fri, Feb 08, 2013
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Mike is the hottest person ever
by Charlene Chua

Pamela Wong, 31, telesales executive

Who's that cute deejay?

Miss Pamela Wong was strolling by the Class 95 studio a year ago when she chanced upon a handsome dude on the afternoon shift.

After striking up a conversation with him, she was extremely taken by his good looks and friendly demeanour.

She soon found out that he was Mike Kasem, the son of legendary US radio personality Casey Kasem. Mike had moved to Singapore a year before to pursue his passion for radio.

Miss Wong, a telesales executive who works in the same building, took the chance to get to know him better by visiting him regularly at the studio for the past year.

Some days she would ask him for a hug, which she claims Kasem would never say no to. On other days, she would simply "talk to him".

But she has never dared to do one thing - ask him out.

Which is why our date-a-celeb series was the perfectopportunity for her to take her adoration for Kasem a step further.

Miss Wong reasoned that if Kasem picked her for the date, she would know that the feeling was mutual.

But if he didn't, she wouldn't overstep her boundaries and their friendly contact at their workplace could remain unchanged.

For the last year, she has been collecting pictures of him from magazines and newspapers. She has pasted them at her "Mike Shrine" at her desk, as she enjoys looking at his face while she works.

Said Miss Wong, 31: "Mike's so handsome and really not stuck up at all. I find his sense of humour really different from the other guys I know.

"He's very sexy and just a really nice guy. My mother always jokes and says that Mike's so good-looking, perhaps he isn't into women!"

Miss Wong's easy-going nature stems from the fact that she is constantly counting her blessings. She found out at a tender age that she was epileptic.

Epilepsy is a common and diverse set of chronic neurological disorders characterised by seizures. When Miss Wong has a seizure once in a blue moon now, she is usually unconscious for the full two minutes of it.

Her condition has limited her activities, and she isn't allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, drive or swim.

Said Miss Wong: "When I go overseas on mission trips, I see a lot of suffering. And if these people don't complain, how can I?

"I'm just happy and am enjoying life. After a seizure, I can go shopping immediately.

"Mike is the hottest person ever. If I can't ride pillion (on Kasem's Harley Davidson motorcycle), there's always public transport."

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