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Fri, Feb 08, 2013
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He's got such nice muscles
by Charlene Chua

Tyeisha Ayub, 15, student

Age doesn't matter, especially if you really love someone. That's the motto of Tyeisha Ayub, a charming teen who is wise beyond her years.

The St Margaret's Secondary School student has been in love with Mike Kasem since she watched him on Channel 5's satirical TV series Random Island last year, in which he played "child whisperer" Caesar Milano, a parody of US dog behavioural expert Cesar Milan of hit reality TV series Dog Whisperer.

The netball player, who is of Eurasian-Malay descent, told The New Paper: "My dad said that I shouldn't be interested in boys because they will break my heart. So he's very jealous of Mike Kasem.

"Mike's eyes are mesmerising and his body is very well built. He's got such nice muscles. "I think Mike looks like my father. Mike may be 39, but age doesn't matter because you love someone for who he is."

Her parents are supportive of her crush and were the ones who saw the blurb in The New Paper and told her to apply to win a date with him.

They said that they trust her and will not be chaperoning her on the date if she's picked by Kasem.

The picture that Tyeisha sent in to TNP showed a spunky girl who could well be mistaken for a tomboy.

As such, she said some of her female schoolmates had crushes on her and have written love letters to her. But she has informed them that she has eyes only for Kasem.

She tweets him on Twitter and follows him on Instagram and was stoked when he followed her back on both social media platforms.

Her favourite pastime is taking pictures of Kasem when he's on TV and posting it on her Instagram.

She said Kasem has also motivated her to achieve better grades in school.

In the past, she was scoring around 40 marks for her exams. But since pasting Kasem's photo next to her desk when she's studying, she now scores an average of 70 marks," she said.

Said Tyeisha, the oldest of three girls: "I think Mike should pick me for the date because I have all the qualities that he's looking for in a girl."

"He likes girls with short, funky hairstyles, and how many girls do you know have really short hair in Singapore?"

"He also likes to travel and since my dream is to travel the world, I can travel the world with him some day."

"But he likes classy women and I'm not that classy. How do I know that? My mum tells me I'm not classy. But I am very girly."

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