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Fri, Dec 24, 2010
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Ring on her finger, time on her hands
by Slvia Toh Paik Choo

SHE came, she wore, she constellated.

Zhang Ziyi, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, Omega Constellation.

Omega Constellation is not another wuxia flick of swords and sticks but Ziyi’s latest role as brand ambassador for the high-end timepiece.

The Chinese actress was handled like a Ming vase during her eventing for the famous Swiss watch maker.

There was the press conference at the store, where everyone noticed the ring on her engagement ring finger.

But there was no chance of slipping in a question about the Israeli boyfriend/still fianceed Mr Nevo.

Later at the Omega Costellation dinner at St Regis, one learnt she works no more than eight hours a day, which explained why she had to go before the main course.

Two hundred retailers and their valued clients and media from the glossies sat down to a gourmet meal – porcelain- smooth fish, jade-like soup, and dessert piled on pagoda-style.

I asked a crouching waiter where’s the hidden butter, and then it was all flying knives at the table.

On probing, it emerges that she stayed in her suite all the time, “all day trying on and choosing clothes” (for press con, for din-dins, for flying off).

Three changes and not a handmaiden in sight.

Joining the Omega family

Zhang Ziyi joins the celebrated galaxy of stars in the Omega family – Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney – all three, via video, welcomed Ziyi with opened wrists.

The consummate actress told a little story about how she first fell in love with an Omega watch when she was but a peony back in her native China. And she saved her money to buy it.

All this through a translator (though the girl speaks fairly decent English).

A Chinese journo at our table said: “Actually she said her father bought it for her.”


Now she gets it for free.

We turned back to our special blend tea. And were told: “This is Omega tea.” I sure hope it won’t be the last tea I drink.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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