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Fri, Oct 08, 2010
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Gentle solutions for your hair - Part I
by Cynthia Loh


I can't recollect any girl who has never had the urge to do something drastically different with her hair at one time or other in her hair. And the most striking way to do it? By experimenting with a different hair colour.

But most of us know the kind of damage that extensive hair colouring can wreak on hair that has already gone through one too many colour/perm/straightening sessions.

Which is why INOA could be the answer to your hair-colouring prayers.

If you have ever been put off by the nose-burning smell of a traditional hair colour, or worried for your sensitive scalp, INOA has an ammonia-free formula to put you at ease.

With a breakthrough that allows hair colour to be delivered to the hair shaft using the Oil Delivery System, what this means is that it is possible to use a gentler alkaline agent, monoethynolamine, or MEA, instead of ammonia as the alkaline agent. The purpose of an alkaline agent is to lift the scales of your hair to allow colourants and treatment ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft and activate the hydrogen peroxide in the oxidant to provide the lightening effect and creation of the final colourants. 

Ammonia is often used in hair colourants to inject colour into hair, but it also gives permanent hair colour its sulphuric smell and can even irritate sensitive scalps.

Another plus is that INOA uses less alkaline agent to achieve the same amount of colour concentration in each hair strand, so that damage to hair is minimised.

Comprising of three parts, the Oleo gel, the Gel colourant and the Cream developer, with the gel containing ingredients that make it suitable for use on sensitive scalps, and the Gel colourant which contains MEA for its milder and gentler properties compared to ammonia, and finally the Cream developer that is enriched with fivefold Ionene G, a patented L'Oreal Professionel technology that protects that hair fibre.

The end result is a more comfortable and odourless colouring experience when compared to a classic hair colour with true-to-tone shades and shine achieved. Hair is also stronger and stays as smooth as before colouring.

INOA is suitable for covering greys, lightening hair colour up to three levels and darken hair and is available in 44 shades.

Check with your L'Oreal Professionel salon for pricing.

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