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Fri, Jan 02, 2009
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Future mum-in-law turns abusive

Dear Annie: I am disgusted.

My fiance, "Kirk," and I have a problem with his mother and siblings.

I got along fine with them until we became engaged, and all of a sudden it was like someone flipped a switch.

His mother began e-mailing and calling me when she was incredibly drunk, telling me I need to "back off" from her family.

His teenage sisters started a MySpace page that included stories about me using drugs and insinuated that I have several STDs.

I work with children and my employer found this page. I was suspended without pay.

Kirk's mother sent out a family newsletter shortly after our wedding invitations were mailed, detailing what a terrible person I am, labeling me an addict and hinting that I'm incredibly promiscuous.

Ladies, this letter went out to over 50 family members and most of our mutual friends.

Kirk's brothers had the same problem when they got engaged. His sister-in-law recently offered us the help of a lawyer who did pro bono work for them when his family harassed them.

Kirk and I are happy and very much in love, but this has put a terrible strain on us.

I don't want to bring a libel suit against his family, but Kirk thinks it's the best thing to do. I just want this to stop. Is pressing charges really our only option?

-- Harassed Bride


Dear Bride: Nice family you're marrying into.

Did you get your job back? If not, a lawsuit may be the only way to reclaim your reputation.

Kirk should talk to his family and tell them this nonsense absolutely has to stop or there will be legal repercussions, as well as an estrangement.

He should also suggest that his mother see a therapist immediately. She sounds mentally ill.

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