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Don't let the sun get to your head
by Chan Choong Han

Hot days, perfect pool weather.

At least that's what I think, as temperatures hit 31 deg C and beyond.

June is typically the hottest month of the year and, come weekends, pools and beaches are packed as young executives take advantage of free time and the surfeit of sun.

Hopefully, most beach- and pool-goers are slapping on the sunscreen, and are well aware of the need for SPF protection. However, what most don't think about is their hair.

Hair, too, needs protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays - particularly if it's colour-treated.

Just as UV rays can lead to dark spots on the skin, UV rays can lead to dry hair and (no one wants this one) brassy hues.

Mr Voo Yui Min, education specialist for American botanical brand Aveda, suggested that I try the brand's Sun Care Protective Hair Veil when i was about to jet off for a recent beach holiday.

"Think of it as sunscreen for your hair," he advised. The hefty price tag of $49.90 is well worth it, if you value your tresses.

Containing UVA/UVB filters derived from wintergreen and cinnamon-bark oils, the product:

- which you spray on your hair before heading out into the sun

- helps protect hair from sun damage.

Organic shea butter, coconut- and palm-oils condition and detangle hair.

Best of all, it smells good, thanks to its tropical blend of certified organic essences of neroli, ylang ylang and wild cistus.

Best of all, it smells good, thanks to its tropical blend of certified organic essences of neroli, ylang ylang and wild cistus.

I spritzed the product on my hair liberally every day, before snorkelling or hanging out on the sand.

The result was that my hair was still soft and silky, with very little fade to its colour, at the end of the holiday.

For even better results, try Aveda's Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser ($43), a colour- safe cleanser that gently aids in removing chlorine, salt and product residue from hair and body, helping to maintain great moisture balance.

Also in the sun-care line-up is the After-sun Hair Masque ($53), an intensive cream masque that moisturises and restores sun-exposed hair.

More hair products you'll love

Hair is literally your crowning glory. But, if you're plagued by problems ranging from dry, coarse or even falling hair, then you'll know that "glory" ain't quite the word to use here. Still, there's plenty of help to be had. Check out my paper's selection of hair essence, serums, tonics, shampoos and conditioners.

Hair Loss/Fall Solutions

Shiseido Adenovital Scalp
Essence ($108)

What: This award winning super essence was created to address the concerns of thinning hair in men and  women. It is formulated with
potent ingredients that  activate three key genes that
influence hair growth, cuticle strength and melanin  production for thicker, healthier and darker hair, with
the strength to protect  against damage.

Where: Available at select  hair salons. For stockists,  please call 6739-8639.

L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X
Anti-Hair Fall Tonic ($16.90)

What: This sleek bottle contains a high concentration
of arginine, an essential protein in hair for hair growth.
This no-rinse treatment, applied at the roots,  nourishes the hair bulb,  restructures hair fibre and makes hair more resistant to
damage, thus reducing hair fall.

Where: Available at Watsons,
Guardian and some  department stores, from July 4.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Leave-on
Intensive Hair Tonic ($19.90)

What: This treatment works by getting to the root of  hairfall problems - literally. It
prevents the breaking down of "follicle glue", which binds hair to the scalp.

It reduces damage at the roots and anchors your hair, reducing hair fall and leaving hair stronger. For optimal results, use once every two days for two weeks.

Where: Available at all  leading supermarkets,  hypermarkets and pharmacies.

Medavita Lotion Concentree
Homme ($110)

What: This lotion, formulated
for men, fuses powerful active ingredients into one
concentrated lotion, which
is especially effective against the main cause of hair loss  among males. The formula
includes Serenoa Repens, an
active ingredient which  regulates the metabolism of androgenic hormones in the hair bulb.

Where: Available at selected
salons. Call 6278-8456 for details.


Conditioning Treatments

Keratin Therapy 30-Day Smoothing  Treatment ($15.90)

What: This treatment penetrates the cuticle with keratin proteins, rich organic coconut oil
and avocado oils, leaving it smooth and  straight. It eliminates up to 95 per cent of frizz and curls, and cuts blow-drying time by 75 per cent for up to 30 glorious days.

Where: Available at Watsons.

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream ($18.90)

What: At war with your untameable, frizzy, coarse curls? This moisturiser and styler in one helps highlight curls, while keeping it
under control. This lightweight and non-sticky formulation defines, moisturises and leaves curls soft, natural, frizz-free and with a finish that shines all day long.

Where: Available at Watsons.

Redken Real Control Overnight
Treat ($42)

What: This treatment works through the night on your dense, dry, sensitised hair,
and lets you wake up with shiny, restored hair with great softness and manageability. Also, discard the notion that leave-in hair treatments cause hair, pillows and sheets to feel greasy – this is absorbed instantly.

Where: Selected retailers. Visit


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