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Sun, Sep 23, 2012
The New Paper
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Mystery fan bequeaths assets to Fann Wong in her will
by Charlene Chua

Finding out from a lawyer that a local doctor had left about $2 million to his three pooches in his will is surprising enough.

But one can safely assume that these furry friends were the love of the doctor's life.

Now imagine being told that a Singaporean woman has made a will bequeathing all her assets to actress-singer Fann Wong.

According to solicitior Chung Ting Fai, owner of a law firm with the same name, this happened three years ago.

Mr Chung, 48, told The New Paper: "The lady, Ms S, doesn't want to be identified, but she is sophisticated, attractive, well-spoken and lucid.

"When she told me that she wanted to leave everything she had to Fann Wong, I asked her if she was referring to the actress and she said 'yes'."

To Mr Chung's knowledge, Ms S lives in an upmarket condominium in the eastern part of Singapore and drives a dark blue Mercedes-Benz.

If they belong to her, Wong will likely inherit more than $1 million upon the mystery benefactor's death.

Both Ms S and Wong are 41.

According to the solicitor, the effectively bilingual Ms S is slim and petite.

And no, she's not a celebrity herself. He also believes that the woman,a fan, does not know the star.

"She gave me the impression that she wasn't married and had no family. Her mind was made up," added Mr Chung.

Ms S, an executive, had gone to see him about her will upon the recommendation of a friend.

Although he did think then that it was out of the ordinary that someone would leave all their assets to a celebrity, he said he has not questioned her intention because he had no right to do so.

When contacted, Wong said through her manager: "I'm declining comment as nothing has happened yet."

Both Wong and husband, actor Christopher Lee, also 41, were overseas and could not be reached for further comment.

Mr Chung added that he does not know of Ms S's assets in Singapore because one does not need to list one's possessions in a will unless there are specific properties allocated to specific individuals.

In Ms S's case, everything will go to Wong.


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