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Sun, Sep 23, 2012
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Alternative beneficiary listed if Fann can't inherit assets
by Charlene Chua

Mr Chung explained that a lawyer does not need to find out about a client's assets or family background in order to draw up a will.

Assets come under two categories - real (immovable properties such as land) and personal (movable items such as jewellery).

When contacted by Mr Chung two days ago, Ms S said that she didn't want to be interviewed but agreed to her story being published.

Said Mr Chung: "I did ask her why she chose Fann Wong. All she said was that she was a fan of hers.

"Ms S also listed an alternative beneficiary who isn't a celebrity or a family member.

"She gave me a dialect name and it was gender neutral.

"So in the event that Fann can't inherit her assets, it will go to the other person."

However, Mr Chung added that he won't know if Wong will ever inherit Ms S's assets as this will be the job of the executor of the will.

The task of contacting Wong will fall on the executor upon Ms S's passing.

Mr Chung said he wasn't privy to who the executor appointed by Ms S was, except that it wasn't a family member.

Ms S can also change her will at any time through another lawyer without informing Mr Chung.

But he clarified that as of two days ago, the will was still in force.

Mr Chung said that if Ms S has family members, they can contest the will after her death.

Said Mr Chung: "I don't know Ms S well so I didn't ask her about Fann Wong or other details regarding her will.

"She obviously wanted to keep it private.

"I don't know if she knows Fann Wong personally, but my guess is she doesn't."

A check with other lawyers revealed that although Ms S's case is rare, it's possible to write up such a will in Singapore.

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