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Sad news on the radio
by Germaine Lim and Tan Kee Yun

IT'S Valentine's Day, a time when couples share their love for each other.

But the romance is over for a local celebrity couple. Class 95 radio DJ Glenn Ong and ESPN Star Sports presenter Jamie Yeo have ended their five-year marriage.

Glenn, 38, made the surpise announcement yesterday morning during his Morning Express show with co-host Mark van Cuylenburg, better known as the Flying Dutchman (FD).

At about 8.30am, Glenn mentioned that he and Jamie had parted ways. He didn't return to the subject for the rest of the show.

Efforts to reach Glenn and Jamie, 31, were unsuccessful, but MediaCorp Radio released a statement confirming their split.

It read: 'Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo have officially filed for separation and have been living apart for a while.

'Their marriage broke down simply due to the couple having grown apart in recent years due to their careers and individual differences.

'They will not be taking any calls, replying any texts and email or answering any questions.'

This is Glenn's second divorce - he and Lush 99.5FM DJ Kate Reyes separated in 2001. (See timeline on facing page.)

The split came as a surprise to many people as Glenn is known to gush over Jamie on air.

But two of Glenn's good friends told The New Paper that they knew about their break-up before the announcement.

Radio DJ Rod Monteiro, who calls Glenn 'my brother', said that he first heard of their break-up late last year but did not confirm it with Glenn.

Rod and Glenn worked together when they joined van Cuylenburg on Class 95's Morning Express. Rod left the show in 2005 and is now with Radio 91.3FM.

Rod said: 'We were at (Class 95 radio DJ) Yasminne Cheng's wedding on 17 Jan. I could see that something was bothering him but I didn't want to probe.

'During Chinese New Year, I sent him a simple SMS to encourage him. But it wasn't because he told me about it. As a friend, I just wanted to be there for him.

Rod said he spoke to Glenn yesterday while Glenn was having his hair done at asalon.

'Go with your heart'

'He sounded okay. I asked him what I should say if reporters called. He simply replied: 'Go with your heart. Say what you have to say.'

'He's a passionate person. I've seen him with Jamie and he was always spoiling her.

'I'm sure Glenn is down. Jamie was his world. I was there when they hooked up (in 2001). Jamie told me before Glenn did. I don't know if he still loves her but he definitely did.'

Mr Bernard Lim, who is executive vice-president of Lifebrandz, which owns Zirca Mega Club, said that Glenn broke the news to him about a fortnight ago.

He also told Mr Lim on Thursday that he was going to announce it on radio.

Mr Lim, who hosted the couple's wedding in 2004, said: 'I was surprised when Glenn told me. I've always known them as a loving couple and have never seen him quarrel.

'He seemed pretty calm and appeared to have moved on. I called Jamie afterwards and she confirmed it too.

'Glenn just said they've drifted apart. Perhaps they realised their personality differences were too great.'

Mr Lim added that the last time he saw the couple together was about four months ago, at a gathering.

Local celebrity couple 987FM DJ Daniel Ong and actress-singer Jamie Teo were shocked by the news, especially when they had just seen Glenn and Jamie together at The Prodigy concert on 3Feb.

While Daniel confirmed that rumours have been floating in MediaCorp, he has not 'heard nothing from (the couple)'.

'I'm not too sure what happened. Both Glenn and Jamie are very good friends of mine. I'm sure they have their reasons for the split.'

Rapper Sheikh Haikel, also a good friend of Glenn and Jamie, sounded distraught when he found out about the split after The New Paper contacted him.

He said: 'This is really shocking, I love them both dearly and I didn't see it coming at all.'

It was hard to pin down reasons for the break-up, even from their close friends.

Rod said: 'All I can say is, there have always been temptations.'

But Mr Lim said: 'One thing for sure, there is no third party. I can vouch for that.'


The above article was first published in The New Paper.

readers' comments
No surprise right ? both are high profile celebrities; they are high profile; so the stresses of a regular marriage is doubly high too - look at many celebrities in europe - isnt marriage/divorce seems to be commonplace ?
Posted by on Mon, 16 Feb 2009 at 23:36 PM

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