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Thu, Feb 19, 2009
The New Paper
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Should Glenn have broadcast news of split?

GLENN and Jamie are known as an outspoken and public couple and have openly shared details of their personal lives.

Glenn, who cultivated a following among radio listeners with his straight-talking, often gushes about Jamie on his morning radio show.

Jamie, who contributes regularly to Stomp's Star Blog, even wrote about her first orgasm and first sexual encounter recently, drewing flak from netizens.

But radio listeners are questioning if Glenn did the right thing in announcing such a private matter on-air yesterday morning.

Banking manager Pam Toh, 26, who has been listening to Glenn since his Ego Trip days on 987FM more than 10 years ago, loves his wit and frankness.

She felt, however, that his broadcast was inappropriate.

She said: 'In this case, there is another party involved, so it's not very nice that he made the announcement on radio. Well, unless the both of them had discussed and agreed to it.'

Freelance writer Gary Koh, 25, agreed, and said: 'I feel it would have been better if Glenn hadn't told everyone on-air.

'Marriage is a private matter after all. Maybe they should have broken the news in a more subtle way, like only when someone or the press asked aboutit.'

But fellow radio colleagues and friends have jumped to Glenn's defence.

987FM DJ Daniel Ong said that Glenn 'should be allowed to do so if he wants'.

'Part of Glenn's appeal to his fans is that he's very outspoken and comes across as a real person, someone with real problems.

'He treats his listeners as part of his circle with whom he can share his problems, like his big extended family.'

Clarissa Monterio, who hosts Lunchtime Jukebox on Gold 90FM, agreed that Glenn coming out with the news on air was 'very him'.

'He has always put himself out there. It's his persona on air and he's choosing to tell his listeners this way. It's certainly something he would have done.'

That the announcement seemed so sudden has caused some to wonder if the couple is pulling a fast one.

After all, there had been no signs of an imminent break-up.

When The New Paper spoke to Jamie recently, she mentioned about going for dinner dates with Glenn.

On Thursday, the TV host wrote on Star Blog that 'you marry someone you love passionately'.

Her latest blog post made no hints of a failed marriage and discussed romance.

V-day hoax?

She even gave dating tips to men in a Valentine's Day report in My Paper yesterday.

Glenn is a known prankster, having played practical jokes on listeners several times.

Recently, in mid-January, Glenn announced on radio that he would be leaving Class 95. It turned out that he had taken leave and returned to the show in early February.

When contacted by The New Paper, Radio 91.3FM jock Suzanne Walker said: 'From what I know, their relationship is pretty solid. That's why I think this is a hoax.'

Marketing manager and regular Morning Express listener Vanessa Mah, 38, also wondered if listeners have been duped, although Glenn had said it in 'all seriousness'.

'He has always been professing his love for her on his show and comes across as a sweet husband, so what he said this morning was totally unexpected,' she said.

Some netizens were also sceptical. S.S posted on 'Could it be a Valentine's Day hoax?'

huhu84 wrote on hardwarezone thatshe'd just seen the couple at New Creation Church, which they reportedly attend regularly.

Prussone added: 'dun believe everything you hear.'


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