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Fri, Mar 20, 2009
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Am I wearing the wrong bra size?

How do I know if I'm wearing the wrong bra size?
Bra sizes can change during different periods in a woman's life an estimated six times.

Life changing moments such as the onset of puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding your child, weight gain or loss and even menopause are some of the main reasons for changes in your breast size and also why you should go for regular bra fittings, or you will end up with a too-tight lingerie, or bras that do not provide enough support for your bust.

According to bra specialists in UK and America, there are reportedly 9 in 10 women who are walking around wearing ill-fitting bras.

The symptoms of wearing a wrong bra size are obvious - breasts over bulging, gouges in the skin from tight bras, back bands riding up, loose or wrinkled cups, falling straps, etc.

How do I accurately measure my own bra size?

Step One: Measure Band Size
1. Measure yourself while wearing an unlined or thinly lined bra.
2. Using a soft measuring tape measure around your rib cage in inches – just beneath the bust. Ensure that the tape is snug, smooth, and level in the front and back.
3. If your measurement is even, add four inches to this number to get your band size; if your measurement is odd, add five inches to this number to get your band size. Fuller figured women with rib cage measurements of more than 36 inches may only need to add one or three inches to get to the next even numbered band size.

Step Two: Measure Cup Size
1. Keeping the measuring tape straight and snug, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
2. Subtract this measurement from your rib cage measurement.
3. The difference is the basis for your cup size; each inch of difference is equal to one cup size.

You can look up your cup size here:
• less than 1 inch = AA cup
• 1 inch = A cup
• 2 inches = B cup
• 3 inches = C cup
• 4 inches = D cup
• 5 inches = DD cup (E)
• 6 inches = DDD cup (F)
• 7 inches = DDDD cup (G)

Information provided by Passionata.

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readers' comments
This thread is about correct bra size but the picture only show backside.
Posted by amfreeaccess on Tue, 24 Mar 2009 at 19:20 PM
This article is helpful. I've always wanted to know the right size for myself. Thx!
Posted by on Tue, 24 Mar 2009 at 19:11 PM

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