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Fri, Mar 14, 2014
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Baby, you make me look good
by Leslie Kay Lim and Stacey Chia

Chief executive of Prudential Malaysia Philip Seah, 59, and housewife Christine Chan, 54.

The couple have been married for 31 years and have four children aged 19 to 30.

How and when did you meet?

PS: On a flight to Hong Kong when we were both flight attendants with Singapore Airlines in the 1970s. I was attracted to her short hair, which I thought was funky, as well as her firm handshake.

CC: He was quite persistent and asked me out for a meal several times during that trip, so I obliged and we went out for porridge.

What do you like about your partner's style?

PS: I like that her style is evergreen. She sticks to earthy tones, sneakers and minimalist pieces.

CC: It's colourful, casual and comfortable, but sometimes, he can get a little too carried away with colours.

How has your partner inspired the way you dress?

PS: My work attire is pretty boring. I usually wear a white shirt with a dark suit. She has inspired me to inject more colour into my everyday workwear by giving me ties with interesting designs and colours.

I never buy anything without her opinion.

CC: I've always dressed the same way, but I'll always get his opinion when I'm dressing for his work functions. He has never objected to anything I wear - whether it's low-cut, low-back or strapless.

What has your partner worn that you've disliked?

PS: Christine has a very good dress sense. She has never worn something that I don't like.

CC: Sometimes, he has to wear batik shirts for work. Some batik prints are nice, but others are just a little old-fashioned.

Do you share clothes?

PS: Once, but only by accident. She had a pair of boyfriend jeans which I thought were mine. When I wore them, I wondered why they felt so tight.

CC: He has many good white shirts that I like to wear even though I have my own.

What tips have you picked up from each other?

PS: I've learnt to try on something before I rule it out completely.

CC: I don't think we've shared tips that much. We mainly seek opinions from each other.


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