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Fri, Mar 14, 2014
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Baby, you make me look good
by Leslie Kay Lim and Stacey Chia

Property agent Darius Chia, 31, and public-affairs executive and part-time model Annabel Tan, 29. The couple have been together for two years and recently got engaged.

How and when did you meet?

AT: I chanced upon his Facebook page and thought he looked familiar, so I messaged him to find out where I knew him from. It turned out that we went to the same junior college, so we exchanged numbers.

DC: Within a week of getting acquainted on Facebook, I met a woman at the gym called Annabel, I saw the M1 billboard that Annabel had modelled for and bumped into her at an event. After all these signs, I decided to ask her out.

What do you like about your partner's style?

AT: He's really creative. He has turned old bracelets into lapel and collar pins.

DC: Her style is rather eclectic. Some people may look at her and think it's over the top, but she has a way of putting together frills, bright colours and chunky accessories.

How has your partner inspired the way you dress?

AT: He gave me the assurance that I can dress as theatrically, silly or mellow as I want.

DC: She made me realise that piecing together an outfit is fun. Previously, I was more of a T-shirt, bermudas and flip-flops kind of guy.

What has your partner worn that you've disliked?

AT: When I look at his old photographs, he wore shapeless clothing with trucker caps.

DC: She wears backless dresses occasionally, which I find too revealing. I'm a little bit old-fashioned, but I don't stop her from wearing them.

Do you share clothes?

AT: I borrow his shirts and jackets, although they are a little too big for me. I sometimes like to try out more masculine styles.

DC: She was going to give away an oversized zigzag patterned sweater, so I decided to take it for myself. I've already worn it several times.

What tips have you picked up from each other?

AT: Don't buy something that you don't really want.

DC: You can buy things that aren't in fashion now because they're bound to make a comeback.


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