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Fri, Mar 14, 2014
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Baby, you make me look good
by Leslie Kay Lim and Stacey Chia

Director of Uniform creative consultancy Darren Lee, 33, and Club 21's senior writer How Kay Lii, 29.

The couple have been together for six years.

How and when did you meet?

DL: I approached her six years ago because she was wearing really big, interesting glasses.

HKL: We met on the dance floor of Zouk. It turned out that we both worked in the publishing industry and had a lot of friends in common.

What do you like about your partner's style?

DL: She's experimental and crazy, which is interesting. We "accessorise" each other, too, in that we tend to balance each other out with more bold or subdued outfits.

HKL: He challenges himself with unusual silhouettes and colour combinations.

How has your partner inspired the way you dress?

DL: I used to wear a lot of black, but she introduced me to the wonders of colour. It wasn't on purpose, but I think there's a sense of togetherness in how our aesthetics developed.

HKL: I like that whatever I wear, he doesn't judge. And he doesn't care what people think or say about his outfits.

What has your partner worn that you've disliked?

DL: I wasn't a fan of the look where one tucks a shirt into a long skirt because it looked disproportionate. But I appreciate it when girls try something crazy. Sometimes, I think the weirder, the better.

HKL: I might say something only if I think his outfit is too bland or has too much colour. But usually, the outfit just needs a little refining.

Do you share clothes?

DL: I used to borrow more stuff from her when I was skinnier, such as chambray shirts or skirts to wear as kilts.

HKL: I've borrowed oversized T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and socks. Between us, we have almost 80 pairs, I think.

What tips have you picked up from each other?

DL: She's taught me how to clash colours and prints in a nice way.

HKL: He's particular about fit, so now I pay more attention to tailoring.


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