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Wed, Jun 11, 2014
Her World
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Fann-tastic new mum
by Tan Min Yan

Well, not yet, but that's what local actress Fann Wong will be when she pops in a few months. Until then, this sexy mum-to-be is enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest. Baby names and outfits can wait!

You wouldn't have been able to tell that Fann was preggers if you didn't already know about it.

Her baby bump is barely perceptible under her loose white shift, just a slight curve in her otherwise still enviably svelte silhouette when we meet her back in March. And she's fresh-faced and alert, even at 9.30am on a Monday morning when she arrived at the studios for our cover shoot.

But there are signs. How she subconsciously cradles her tummy protectively as she putters around the studio waiting for a makeup touch-up and outfit change; how her handlers fuss over her whenever she gets a break from the flash of the photographer's lens (they bring her a stool to sit on and hydrate her with Perrier).

But most of all, there's an undercurrent of joy running through her. She's radiant, and she giggles good-naturedly every time the photographer teases her about her belly ("I feel fat!" she trills).

Yes, Fann's in a great mood, and who could blame her? This pregnancy is, after all, a blessing, albeit a slightly late one for the 43-year-old and husband Christopher Lee.

"When my doctors - who were in tears! - first confirmed the pregnancy, we were both in happy disbelief," she recalls. "Chris was like, 'Is this accurate?'... even after the blood test came back. It didn't sink in until the morning sickness started.

From then on, I was hardly out of the house, partly because I couldn't stop throwing up - I couldn't even run to the bathroom in time! Also, I became really absent-minded - I'd forget things people told me within five minutes. It only started getting better recently."

Pregnancy at 43 sure isn't a walk in the park - Fann, who at press time is about four months pregnant, is currently taking a break from projects and resting at home. And there's the added pressure of the entire nation's attention on what's possibly one of the most high-profile pregnancies in recent history. But she's taking it all in her stride.

"I don't do many interviews - I get tired easily," she says. "I just want to fully enjoy the experience of being pregnant. Even with the morning sickness, the entire journey has been incredible and I don't want to think of anything else. I want to be fully present for my baby."

And she's serious about keeping everything else secondary - don't even ask if it's a boy or girl. "I don't know... I want it to be a surprise for both of us," she laughs.

Since you're mostly at home and your husband is often away in China and Taiwan for projects, what's a typical day like for you?

There isn't a typical day... other than me starting out with a huge glass of freshly squeezed orange juice - I get cravings for this. But mainly, I try to get more sleep, read and listen to music.

I listen to Mozart and other soothing tunes for my baby. There really isn't anything else to do since I've been avoiding my laptop (I've only used it once since the pregnancy) and my iPad [because of radiation].

Anything else you're avoiding?

I'm not exercising! Seriously - I just brisk-walk. I've thought about going for prenatal yoga and pilates in my third trimester, but Chris was like "No, let's just brisk-walk around our estate." He's so protective.

We hear that Chris has been treating you like a queen. Come on, make us feel jealous.

He's been amazing! Ever since we found out about the pregnancy, he's been in a great mood. Sometimes I'll deliberately argue with him to get a reaction - he'll just laugh it off and give in to me.

When he's away for work, we have to communicate through Facetime, but because he doesn't want me using electronics too much, he makes me put the phone a few metres away and we'll talk from there.

He pays very close attention to what I eat, especially when we dine out - he'll sometimes call my doctor halfway through the meal to make sure that whatever I've ordered is safe! That's usually my chance to just gobble it up before he can stop me (laughs).

How about your family?

It's like a feast at home every day! My mum goes to the market to get things like bee hoon and chicken rice for me, but I don't actually end up eating a lot of it since I'm still not feeling my best.

I have cravings for fruits like strawberries and oranges, but also instant noodles and fugu sashimi - I don't actually eat the latter, of course. During my first trimester, my mum had to stop me from eating more than two packets of instant noodles a day - but they're hard to resist! My sister jokes that I'm craving "poison".

Got any good tips from your fellow celeb mummies?

Pan Lingling recommended her confinement lady to me, and she's been advising me to stock up on alcohol that's meant for the confinement period.

I met Diana Ser the other day and she was saying that I have to enrol my baby into preschool the moment I give birth - I might just listen to her!

So you're going to be one of those kiasu mums then?

When it comes to getting my child into the right school, yes. But I haven't really thought about things like tuition - my nieces and nephews don't have a lot of that and they do more extra-curricular activities, so I think I want to leave it up to my child. But most of all, I just want to be like my mum - someone who's always there for her child.

Okay, now for the important stuff - baby names, nursery plans, potential godparents?

I haven't thought about the names and nursery actually. Right now, I'm putting a lot of things on hold since Chris is away. We'll start researching names and preparing the nursery after he wraps up shooting in June. As for godparents, my TCM doctor will be the baby's god-grandma - I've known her for a very long time and I trust her a great deal.

What's your favourite thing about being pregnant?

Honestly? Everything. I've waited for this baby for so long, and the entire process has been magical. I have an extra-amazing husband and everyone around me has been so loving. Knowing that you have a child growing inside you, and that you'll be someone's mother soon - the feeling is indescribable. I'm looking forward to the bonding experience and to taking care of my baby - yes, even changing diapers!

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