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Tue, Jun 03, 2014
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Local blogger holds $40,000 birthday bash

A self-styled luxury blogger is holding her 27th birthday party on Friday (May 30), and it costs a whopping $40,000.

How is she paying for it?

Well, she's kind of not.

According to her very lengthy press release, blogger Sara Shantelle Lim will be celebrating her 27th in style with the help of some very generous friends and brands, including Jim Beam, Brewerkz, Candylicious Singapore and more.

"Sara Shantelle Lim, co-owner of Luxury Blog:, who is turning 27 years old this year, is having the biggest "Candylicious Neon" themed party in Singapore that costs more than SGD$40,000 worth of sponsorships. It is held at the latest, newest and hottest Club Altimate by 1-Altitude, which is located at 1 Raffles Place. It costs more than SGD$20,000 to book the whole level 61, for her birthday, on Friday, 30 May 2014, from 8-10pm. It is fully sponsored and complimented with their outstanding service staffs, free alcohol mixers, venue hire and sound system."

The breakdown

She goes on to give an almost itemised list of how much each sponsor is offering for the party -

$5,000 for alcohol from Jim Beam, Auchentoshan, Pinnacle Vodka, "Courvoisiuer" (it's Courvoisier, darling)

$1,500 worth of beer from Brewerkz,

$1,000 for birthday dress and shoes

$3,000 for "international model/DJ" Nicole Chen to spin at her party

$3,500 for a photobooth in which "her high society guests can take photos with fun props"

$2,000 for flowers

$1,800 for a candy buffet spread

$1,250 for a cake which has three tiers, 20cm wide and weighs 5kg

$3,000 worth of lucky draw prizes

3 diamond rings to be given away for the "Best Dressed Award"

She's also kindly mentioned her good friend Kim Lim in the e-mail - you know, the Kim who is the "daughter of Billionaire, Peter Lim, who is known to have recently bought over Valencia Football Club".

Thanks for reminding us, Sara.

Why is Sara getting so much sponsorship?

Anticipating that people would ask that question, Sara helpfully answered it in her press release:

"Most of the sponsors she has today, are mainly her close friends, who wants to throw Sara an amazing birthday party. Some other sponsors, believe that she can help them to promote their brand well on her luxury blog, called The Singaporean Sisters ( Some of them, would also like to tap into her strong network of contacts, to synergize and grow a stronger network."

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