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Tue, Jul 15, 2014
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How to communicate with angels
by Lia S. Bernardo

It is really life-changing when you realise that angels are so easy to reach, feel and communicate with, and that they are only more than happy to assist us whenever needed.

What I like most about working with angels is that they are always positive. They will never tell you what to do, but they are there to guide you, protect you and shower you with unconditional love.

Here are some tips to help you communicate with your angels:


You need to ask for their help, advice, guidance and presence in your life. Although your guardian angel or angels are always with you, they never interfere with your free will. If you want your angels to communicate with you, intention is the literal key.

Ask for them to reach out to you, ask for their help, ask them to guide you and they will make their presence known. They have no free will and act completely through God's commands. Angels that assist you are acting on God's orders.

Be aware

Once you have asked or invited the angels to come into your life and communicate with you, be aware and conscious of synchronicities. I like to think of synchronicities in my life as the angels' way of saying hi.

Angels communicate in many ways. Lyrics to a song that just suddenly pop into your head, or a song playing on the radio that seems to be speaking directly to you, is one way they communicate.

They can give you advice through a friend's pep talk or even the theme of a movie you are watching. Or sometimes it's a line in a novel you are reading. In other words, angels come to you in many ways; it is up to you to be aware of these messages.

They will not appear from the sky with thunder and lighting, that's for sure. The most common way angels speak to you are through repetitive number sequences. The most common is 11:11, but numbers like 777, 88, 999, 0 or even 000 are signs that your angel is trying to communicate with you. You can Google angel numbers by Doreen Virtue to get their meanings.


We pray to God by talking, but here's the trick-be still, stay silent and listen. When an angel number appears, you can look it up, but more importantly listen and stay still, for a message will come to you.

Messages from the angels are not done with gongs and cymbals, they are subtle thoughts and higher feelings. They come in the form of knowing, understanding and positive feelings.

Fear, negativity, messages of doom, etc., are not angelic messages. Nor are they from an evil source. Negativity is your ego and fear interfering with your enlightenment.

Once you learn how to get rid of negative chatter, the angels are given the freedom to enlighten you with messages for a higher purpose.


Know that the universe works in ways we cannot even imagine. Sometimes you will see a feather come out of nowhere. A butterfly suddenly flies in front of you.

You get this "aha" moment, you feel secure and just know all will be fine. That is what trusting in your angels feels like. They come in many forms, feathers, butterflies, even babies. Believe or not, your most irritating coworker or family member is more often than not being used by your angels to teach you a life lesson. Trust that this is the divine working in your life.


Angels speak one language, and that is the language of love. So, if you come from love, you will be responded to with love. Know that this is so, for God will send you only love. Fear and negativity are products of our own mind. Come from love and you will receive love.

For more information on my next "Channeling Your Angels" class, e-mail [email protected].

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