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Mon, Jun 21, 2010
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How to surround yourself with gorgeous women
by Skilldo

You've probably seen him before - the type of guy who never seems to have a lack of social options.

He is always out on an after-work date with the ladies, or having a karaoke session with a group of them at a time.

What's more, he never appears anxious in their presence or intimidated by them, even the very gorgeous ones, and he is always relaxed and at their charming best. What's more, he may not even be good looking!

Why is this so, you may wonder. Let's unravel this little mystery.

The reason that such a guy can be so comfortable in the presence of good-looking women is because he has learnt to de-sensitize themselves to any 'bad' feelings such as anxiety and discomfort when interacting with beautiful women.

And being with good-looking company is nothing out of the ordinary for this type of men - it's like eating rice, just your normal, everyday activity. So, meeting yet another beautiful girl does not become a flustering experience.

Can any guy do that? You bet.

Being relaxed in front of women (no matter how beautiful), is a habit that can be learned. And this habit is more easily formed than most guys think.

You can even begin to learn this right away. Study this phrase:

To make meeting gorgeous women a natural thing, you must actively surround yourself daily with gorgeous women.

It sounds simple enough, but what I mean is this:

Many guys avoid encounters with gorgeous women and when they're finally in the presence of one, they freak out.

But it will be different if you build such encounters into your lifestyle.

For instance, do you go to the men's barber, or make a trip to the hair salon where cute female hairstylists work?

And when you take your meals, do you eat at places where you just order and go, such as fast-food restaurants, or do you eat at restaurant where with good-looking waitresses serve at your table?

When you exercies, do you just pump weights in your room? Or do you get a friend with a gym membership to sign you in, so you can meet fit beauties?

That's what I mean by actively surrounding your daily ife with nice-looking women.

So take some time to plan these encounters, and you will find yourself getting used to them soon enough Feeling uncomfortable in the presence of female company will be taking a back seat in your mind, and seeing an increase of female company in your life is almost expected.

All it takes is a little shift in your daily routine to make an awesome difference.

About the writer:

Skilldo is an 'ex-unhappy' Singaporean guy - who grew from being lonely,
dateless and single... into breaking out of it, and obtained a fulfilling
social life in meeting, dating and entering satisfying relationships with

He is the author of 'The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter'. A
locally-focused guide for Singapore men to approach, date and successfully
attract the type of women they want for themselves.

He maintains a website containing secrets and training for men at -

readers' comments
Go to Geylang, sure kena surround one.
Posted by old_dilbert on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 16:59 PM

Having a well-hung Mat Salleh predictably asking whether they can shove it up their anus after they get fed up with the vag-hole would make even an SPG occasionally shudder and plan well for the inevitable by avoiding sweetcorn.
Posted by Trouser Press on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 16:25 PM
what he said is quite logical, i have same problem too when i was young, you need to get comfortable talking and understanding women, otherwise, when you met a girl, you will always ended up in situation "what to do next?"
had you seen a guy pulling chair for a woman in restaraunt ? some guy did it quite casually, some just very awkward glance, you know the guy seldom go out with gals. ( it is just one example ), of course some can't be bother la, like me ( experienced ).
on the flip side, you can tell if the gal dated before too, the way she walk with you and you do not need to ask a lot of questions, in 5 seconds, you will just know
you need some kind of plan when you see a target,a plan which will put you .....
Posted by jameslee58 on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 14:17 PM
Totally agreed wif nolapl...can some intelligent guys tell me why we need women????N if got the ans...pls list out the piority of OUR primitive needs....then look at your pocket or bank acc and ask your self 3 i 'need' a soulmate.

Ans: Rich ( no need but probably had one now)

Ans: Poor/average (NEED and had tonnes of theories to support his ans)

Dating re basically wasting of time when you attained certain level of wisdom (i dun mean when u re 50+++).Any Passion or thrill will die off after time.....and responsibitiy comes in thereafter...Tats life...My advise: Do wat u wan when u can and dun get caught...
Posted by melvin02 on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 14:14 PM
The writer of the website, whoever he/she is, is utter bullshitting-- the fact that you think you can have a "formula" to pick up you think women are standard products that you can use a list of tricks with, or do you think factoring personality etc, it's more to do with how you communicate your thoughts and just be yourself?

Lotsa people trying to make a fast buck these days. You wanna pick up a woman with success: here's a tip-- be yourself.
Posted by SGCasanova on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 12:25 PM
Concept of having a well hung guy around the arms actually does backfire... it means something else is also BIG.. :)

Big key needs big lockhole ...kakakaka
Posted by Quitter on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 09:49 AM
in SG?
Credit cards
Country clubs
Caucasian aka hung more
effing huge Coc.k
Posted by perceivedtobe on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 09:28 AM

if you rich and super rich - just get paid social asscots

many many girls

in short those guy surround by ladies - may be all you know as good as gaylang ladies

A HOLE IS STILL A HOLE - do not make a big deal out of a hole or holes
Posted by nolapl on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 at 09:12 AM

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