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Tue, Jun 29, 2010
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Do soulmates cheat on each other?

THIS question was texted to me recently by an intelligent, attractive and happily married woman in her late 30s.

She consulted me because she was confused about how she felt for a man who was also married and even known to her husband. At their first meeting, there was nothing special she felt about him, but things developed so fast a few weeks ago she was completely taken by surprise. There were daily frequent text messages between them, which initially sounded friendly but later became more personal. This confused her.

When he invited her to dinner, she accepted and even told her husband because she felt nothing wrong with it. Her husband did not object.

They enjoyed talking for hours at dinner. In the car, he kissed her and held her hand. What confused this otherwise rational woman was that she felt no guilt and what they were doing seemed natural, as if they had been doing that before this lifetime. But she did not accept the concept of past lives or reincarnation because of her conservative Catholic upbringing, she said. She sought me out because she felt I was the only one who could clear her confusion. She even entertained the idea of undergoing a hypnotic regression.

In reply to my question she said: “No, we don’t have a relationship as yet as you would call it.”

“So what’s your problem?” I asked.

She thought for a moment, then said: “Well, although there’s really nothing between us, I can’t understand why his kissing me and holding my hand felt so natural and nice. I didn’t feel any guilt and that is what confuses me. I seem to be reciprocating his advances.”

Meeting by accident

I told Lita (let’s call her that) that we seldom meet a person by accident. Everyone we meet in a meaningful manner, or to whom we are naturally drawn, or even those who seem repulsive to us at first meeting, are people we’ve met in our past lives. We need to work out our karma with them.

I had to explain to her the Law of Compensation or Karma, which Edgar Cayce referred to as simply “meeting the consequences of one’s actions.”

“I want to know what this man is doing in my life now,” she asked. “Why did we meet? Who was he to me, if ever we had met, as you said.”

I told her the easiest and fastest way to answer her question was to have her undergo a past life hypnotic regression. But not everybody can be hypnotized or can even go into a very relaxed meditative and passive state. But we can try if she wanted to. She said she was desperate for an answer now.

I told her it was not that easy. “We have to ask the permission of your subconscious mind if it is willing to bare its secrets to you.”

I told her the answer lies in her subconscious which keeps an imprint of everything that has happened to her, including past lives.

She was eager to undergo the process and so I talked to her subconscious using finger movement to get answers. Fortunately, she turned out to be very cooperative—her subconscious was led into regression.

She went back to her life in an ancient civilization. There, she saw only horses and she was wearing some loose garb with a girdle or rope belt.

She saw a country scene with no one there. Then suddenly the man she was asking about in her present life appeared astride a horse. He seemed to have come from a mission, like a battle or something, where he was successful. “When he came to me, he at once held me by the waist and lifted me. It felt so good and natural. I felt we belonged to each other.”

Then Lita suddenly opened her eyes before I could ask her to and said: “Now I understand. Thank you very much.”

“What should I do?” she asked. I said, “Only you can answer that question. But whatever you decide, be aware of the consequences of your decision or action. If you are prepared to face the consequences of such a decision, go right ahead.”

To answer her original question, I told her: “If soulmates cheat on each other, then they are not soulmates.”

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