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Stories with this keyword: infidelity

Lost trust in straying hubby
A woman says her hubby has pledged that he will not stray again but she has lost all her trust.
Thai Muslim women criticise infidelity survey
According to the Durex survey, Thai women rank as the world's second most unfaithful lovers.
Confessions of a sex addict: I've lost everything that's dear to me
Her sex addiction has cost her everything, including her self-esteem.
Easy to forget how hard it is to stay when one strays
Is it loyalty, stupidity or just a matter of survival? A case of sticking with a bad situation for fear of not finding someone else afterwards?
My financial planner dresses sexily and turns me on
My financial planner likes to discuss work matters in her car and dresses sexily, which I am sometimes uncomfortable about.
Should he forgive his wife's infidelity and trust her again?
My wife is making me doubt that she really is over her ex-boyfriend.
Which reasons for divorce are the strangest?
Here are some strange and absurd reasons that partners have come up with to leave their other halves.
How do I love thee? Numbers tell all in book
"Love by Numbers" is a wide-ranging and sometimes wacky look at the figures and trends behind how and who people love.
"My husband arranged for his mistress' abortion in front of me"
For over a decade, Susan, now in her 50s, endured living with a husband who constantly cheated on her. He even paraded his infidelities at home.
Men and women in Singapore equally unfaithful
A poll of 506 Singaporeans has revealed current attitudes towards sex and relationships.

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