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Mon, Jul 02, 2012
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Beastly Bridezillas

"I was planning the gate-crashing games for the morning tea ceremony for a close girlfriend two years ago and she had me write up an elaborate minute-by-minute plan for games and the entire wedding.

"She had very detailed Amazing Race-style tasks for the groomsmen at the gate-crashing ceremony.

"The games were too complicated and it was such a tough task getting the groomsmen motivated enough to do it and make her happy. It ended up being so stressful.

"The wedding itself became so cold and corporate because of her planning.

"She also had huge banners for the event and was ridiculously particular about the wording on the banners which had to go through several edits before she finally approved them."

- Ms Tan Su Yee, 37, who is in sales

"It's tough for a make-up artist when you meet clients who just can't tell you exactly what they want.

"I had a client recently who told me what she didn't want for her make-up for the big day.

"Every step of the make-up process, I checked with her if she was okay.

"And she said yes all the way. But at the end, she said she wasn't happy with how she looked.

"It was horrible. It's best if they are open and say exactly what kind of look they want."

- Ms Jaclyn Tan, 31, make-up artist

"I was helping to plan my sister's big fat wedding in 2008. She was so particular about the stupidest details and drove our parents and close family members mad.

"She started to have arguments about the guest list and even upset my parents as she refused to send invitation cards to my father's close friends.

"Our entire family was so glad when the wedding was finally over."

- Ms Lai Ba Ni, 33, teacher

"I was a terrible bridezilla during my wedding in 2006.

"I was so obsessed with the seating arrangements that my friends were afraid to tell me that some ladies had done away with table numbers and just sat wherever they wanted.

"I also had a terrible situation where the florist did not deliver the right number of garlands.

"I was in my full wedding attire waiting for the groom when I lost my temper on the phone and told him to rush over with more garlands."

"I completely regret now how I had acted then, but there was just too much to handle."

- Ms Rima Khan, 37, who is in advertising

And it's not just the women - Mr Gregory Leow, 38, a blues musician, admits to morphing into a groomzilla over his big day.

Mr Leow, who got married in January, said he stayed up till the wee hours just deciding on the music list that was to be played at the wedding.

He said: "I would pick a list of 500 songs and listen to it until 4am.

"I obsessed over the order and went completely mad over which song would suit the occasion.

"It was such a waste of time for, in the end, no one even bothered about the songs.

"I was also very irritable and snapped at everyone weeks before the wedding because I was just so tired."

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