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Thu, Apr 08, 2010
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Want to impress the girl? Don't say sorry
by Skilldo

Why is it some men seem to be more appealing to women? It's because they display a type of 'male-strength'.

No, I don't mean brute force, but a strength that shows up in the way they speak.

Having observed how men behave when they are in the company of women for about nine years, I have noticed that these men have more success with dating women.

Let me explain: Women like it when a guy shows that he can be authoritative. Such a guy will not use language that is apologising. That is, they don't use the word "sorry" frequently.

For example, when a guy is on the phone withthe  lady, he goes: "Hi Jessilyn, this is Steve. Sorry to disturb you. Are you going to sleep already?"

Or when the guy is on a dinner date with a girl, he says: "Sorry, can I ask you something?"

I assure you that I hear the word "sorry" one too many times while I sat at the next table. (Yes, I was eavesdropping.)

It's odd for one to keep apologizing for asking a question, even if it's an innocent query.

When a guy does that one too many times, it won't take long for the woman to detect a weak personality, and she will eventually be turned off by him.

The thing is, you don't have to apologize in cases where you are not required to. You should behave in a way where you know you are in control of yourself.

To improve on the examples above, the guy in the phone conversation can say: "Hi Jessilyn, it's Steve. I've something cool to tell you. You remember the other time when you mentioned your friend working at Fish & Co....."

Or over dinner:  "I'm curious about one thing. Tell me, what were you doing at Christmas last year?"

No 'sorrys' there.

Summing up, it's alright to begin a conversation without looking like you need a ticket to proceed.

While it may seem to small, just a change in the way you use language will help you gain a lot more credibility in a woman's book.

readers' comments
Don't say "Thank u ..... Thank u" as well. Use on wrong occasion can hurt more than you can imagine, especially not the answer he/she desires.
Posted by Singasoft on Fri, 9 Apr 2010 at 13:04 PM
Hard to say "sorry".. you will be more sorry if you don't use it .
Posted by haya3188 on Fri, 9 Apr 2010 at 12:34 PM
Who will say sorry all the time? Slaves only. But if it is time to say sorry because of wrongdoing, apology is manner of gentleman or civilised person. Actually in Singapore, most of the people do not know how and when to say sorry. So, it is not too many "sorry" but too few.
Posted by Rightofhuman on Fri, 9 Apr 2010 at 10:42 AM

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