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Tue, Sep 21, 2010
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Men tend to look at women's bodies: study

Scientists have revealed that men, when deciding on who to date, tend to make a decision based on a woman's curvy body, not her face, let alone her wit or brains.

British newspaper Telegraph that “men are only interested in a woman's body in a short-term relationship, citing a study by the University of Texas at Austin.

The study also confirmed suspicions that women, on the other hand, appear to be open-minded when choosing a partner.

Interestingly, men will only study a woman's face if they are looking for a wife, rather than a short-term partner.

The findings reported in the Evolution and Human Behaviour science journal is based on a research of 375 men and women who were asked to consider dating a member of the opposite sex who face or body had been obscured.

The tests showed that men were much more likely to choose someone with a curvy body for a date, while they might opt for a pretty face for a longer-term relationship.


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