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Thu, Oct 22, 2009
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Star bloggers reveal naughty secrets

WHAT is the most daring thing you have done in your life?

That is the hot topic of the week for star bloggers at STOMP. They were challenged blog about their naughtiest experiences, which meant telling the world about their deepest and darkest secrets - the most unspeakable truths.

When their blog entries went 'live' online, most of them shared a common fear. That is, letting their parents find out and risk disappointing them. Most star bloggers were pre-emptive, apologising profusely to their mums and dads in their blurbs and entries.

But it is the ladies that seemed to top the list of being naughty and dangerous.


The boldest act of them all was singer Maia Lee who came clean with her sex trysts.

She did the unthinkable at a shopping centre, among other naughty things like riding illegally.

The daredevil wrote unashamedly: "I cannot remember all the places I have had sex at, but I know we were not always behind closed doors.

"I can only remember when we did it in Marina Square, on the spiral staircase near the overhead bridge to Suntec. It was about 9 or 10pm and no one bothered to go up those staircases anyway.

"We could hear people walking by but I kept assuring him we wouldn't get caught."

She got even bolder and had made love in some other public spaces. Read more about her escapades here.

True to her larger-than-life nature, the blogger titled her entry: 'I had sex at Marina Square'.


Blogger Dawn Yang wrote in her entry, 'Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere', that she used to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to go for supper or clubbing with her friends. When she started to club at 15, she was barely legal.

In response to her actions in her teen years, she wrote: "I don't think I did anything overtly bad - no making out, no one-night stands, no drug addictions - I knew my boundaries, I simply just enjoyed dancing and having a good time with my friends.

"Looking back, I think it may have also been a form of escapism from the pressures of school."

But Dawn only got bolder with age and went onto take the plunge of her life with skinny dipping and shoot for men's magazines like Maxim and Playeur.

On skinny dipping, she said: "It's a refreshing way to get wet, just make sure you're not caught!"

Dawn wrote that her parents were upset with her decision to shoot for Maxim, but she felt that, "It is a pretty daring thing to do, pose half naked and see yourself on newstands nationwide in that state."

However, the star blogger does not know if she will do it again.


A startling fact revealed on STOMP was that ESPN Star sports presenter Jamie Yeo first shoplifted when she was 5 years old.

Jamie stole Sanrio items like a My Melody harmonica, Hello Kitty figurines and other cute stationary items.

But how did a 5-year-old manage to pull off such a stunt?

She wrote in her entry: "What I'd do was stuff the items into my....erm....underwear.

"No one really checks there do they?

"I don't know how and why my parents never figured it out. I just told them my friends gave them to me."

The entertainer explained that she stole because she did not have much to spend when she was young.

"I remember my parents being very frugal when I was a child. So much so that I resorted to shoplifting to satisfy my needs."


Bimbo-geek blogger Sheylara who describes herself as risk-adverse said she occassionally "enjoy(s) being spontaneously naughty".

The naughtiest thing she did happened when she was studying in Australia. Sheylara met a an attractive Italian-looking guy at a gaming salon, went to a club with him and ended up with him in her hostel room when he saw her home.

She wrote: "I don't know what possessed me to do it! I think I just have too much trust in humankind.

I knew I risked being taken advantage of but, after getting to know him, I didn't think he'd do anything I didn't want."

She named that entry: A confession I hope my dad won’t read.

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