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Sun, Jul 04, 2010
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Love hurts

When the one you care for and trust turns around and betrays you, or you just cannot find The One,

love can hurt. If you're facing a similar situation as these stories, find out what counsellors have to say about overcoming these adversities in relationships.


Should she leave her husband for fathering kids with another woman?
Living out of wedlock with her boyfriend of 10 years has made one women feel very guilty.
He cheats and says I’m sick
Wife feels deceived by husband of 30 years who has been visiting prostitutes and erotic websites.
Weighing options of two guys
Abandoned by one man, and courted by another, only to be wooed back by the former, a college student is unsure how she feels about both men.
Confessions of a workaholic
What is it like to be in love with your work?
Sex rules my life
Housewife: "I want sex all the time".
When your hubby cheats
Why do women put up with husbands who still swing and play the field?

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