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Mon, 17 Feb 2014
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The thigh gap trend
by SPH Razor

Your thighs should not touch, at least that's what the new thigh gap trend demands.

Legs so thin, they don't touch above the knees.

There's even a hashtag, #thighgap, on Twitter, and over 60,000 posts on Instagram, obsessing over this magical gap

Stunning or silly? This new trend is taking over the teen girl and social media world.

We find out what Singaporeans think about the thigh gap.

"It makes you see the shape of your leg, makes your leg look nicer," said one.

"No, what's so great about that. I think girls who want thigh gaps are weird, I mean why do you want a space in between your legs, it looks so weird. Usually people who have thigh gaps are really skinny and they look like sticks. No guy likes sticks, they want curves."

And what do Singaporean guys think? Here are some responses:

"Sexy. It's nicer, when they wear clothes and everything," said one young man.

"It's not that attractive actually, to me. Because usually the girls with bigger butts are hotter than the ones that are so skinny, and they have the gap."

"Quite ridiculous to have chopsticks for legs."


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