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Mon, 03 Mar 2014
SPH Razor
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Singaporeans say no to the bikini bridge
by SPH Razor

SINGAPORE - Go to Sentosa, and you'd see the causeway bridge, and the suspension bridge, but how about the 'bikini bridge'?

This selfie fad making waves online refers to the way a skinny girl's bikini bottom would form a bridge between her protruding pelvic bones, showcasing her slightly concave tummy.

Sounds like a joke? Well it was one, started by pranksters on image-sharing site, 4chan, in early January.

But our beach girls on Sentosa were not very convinced, when told of this trend. Four women give their take:

"I think it's quite stupid...I don't get it. I didn't get the thigh gap, I don't get this. I think it's based more on bone structure, so why would try to get something that you can't have?"

"I think it's too skinny.. then you see all the bones. I think abit fleshy is more sexy than just bones."

"For me, it's sexy. Because it shows you don't have a fat belly," said one beach-goer.

"I think it's sexy if the person is not too skinny, like there is still this tummy and it fills up properly."

However, health experts have raised concerns over the bikini bridge trend, saying that it may distort a woman's self body image and encourage more eating disorders.

One Singaporean interviewed agrees women should not just follow the fad blindly and take drastic measures to achieve the effect.

"I mean like, every social fad comes and goes. So it's up to the girl, and how comfortable she is with her body, and I think it's good that all girls should actually respect their body as it is and everything. So yes, it is a fad, yes if you have it it's good, but no point killing yourself over it. I think that being healthy is the most important thing."

And if you think having a bikini bridge will impress the boys, think again. Not many men think it is a sexy look. Four guys offer their opinion on the new trend: 

"I think it's alright. It's a bit skinny."

"I think it's to each his own. I don't think it's particularly sexy, but if it's a particular trend coming up there must be some people who think (so)."

"It's a bit too skinny. It's nice to have a nice body, but that's a bit too much."

"I think it's too bony. I think maybe there's this idea that the skinnier you are, the sexier you are, right. But I think it doesn't matter."

So whether or not you have a bikini bridge to flaunt, it seems most beach-goers here still prefer a healthy figure to a skinny one.

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