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Sun, 13 Apr 2014
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Cecilia Cheung's criteria for future boyfriend: He does not need to be rich or successful

Cecilia Cheung accepted a radio interview lately and listed down the criteria for her future boyfriend.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, when she was asked what would really touch her the most when a guy was courting her, the Hong Kong actress said: "He has to accept that I am an actress and treats me like a normal person.

"I have to eat and use the toilet. I don't survive on batteries and I do need to drink water.

"He has to accept whatever the press writes on him.

"If there is such a man, I will stick with him without looking back."

She continued by saying that he does not have to be rich or have a successful career.

She said: "To me, money is that I have enough to eat and have a roof over my head.

"Today, I may drive a luxurious car, but tomorrow, I can also take the public transport.

"Even Chow Yun-Fat takes the train to travel around."

Cecilia also revealed that she does not wish to date a celebrity again and that she would not open up to her next suitor that easily.

"If I don't feel that he's someone I can entrust my future with, I won't reveal much.

"I also do not want my sons to think there are so many uncles around."

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Cheung said she was molested by a foreigner during an argument in a cinema. She claimed he also tried to take away her mobile phone. (Photo: Lollipop)
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readers' comments

You oso want to follow "HIM" to key-seow har??

He got something wrong in his head and you want to read his mind??
Posted by xiao.lee on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 at 00:31 AM
Posted by baoxingtian on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 at 00:05 AM
I am not Rich . or Poor .. Just a average person earning a decent living .. have posted all I said in this section .. Glad to hear from you on .. [email protected] or +6591612398. Thank u..
Posted by jopiemalay on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 at 00:02 AM
there are some lonely old man in singapore, who happened to have some money, likely divorced, do not mind to have a go with her ...but not many have good taste ....

if you remember , gong li married singaporean before, likely for singapore passport ....
Posted by jameslee58 on Sun, 2 Mar 2014 at 10:19 AM
If Cecelia Chung really want a SGP man to be in her life .. then by all mean .. but! on the right note is that hope there wont's be another Nicholas Tse .. PM me if you are keen in meeting up.. +6591612398.
Posted by jopiemalay on Sun, 2 Mar 2014 at 00:18 AM

I just know it now.:D

You can't blame me what. You keep
Showing sign of gayish. How I know you have change from gay back to straight.:D
Posted by goondoon on Fri, 28 Feb 2014 at 18:31 PM

if u only know this fact now, then u are really a goondoo. :eek: :rolleyes:
Posted by A_Commoner on Fri, 28 Feb 2014 at 18:03 PM

Good to know u straight . If not, I scare.:D
Posted by goondoon on Fri, 28 Feb 2014 at 17:47 PM

how can that be? :D

this bugger is a homo, i am not. :D
Posted by A_Commoner on Fri, 28 Feb 2014 at 17:45 PM

I was worried. I thought you run out of mei mei , so no choice, man
U also makan. :D
Posted by goondoon on Fri, 28 Feb 2014 at 17:43 PM


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