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Wed, Nov 10, 2010
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All natural organic shampoo and body washes for baby and toddler

Lately, I have been thinking about all things organic. Not just for myself, but for my little one, and especially in the personal grooming department.

A study that was reported in the journal, Pediatrics, 2008, showed that baby lotion, baby powders and baby shampoo may be exposing infants to potentially harmful chemicals called phthlates. This is the stuff that is used to make plastics flexible and also to stabilise fragrances.

Investigators noted that infants younger than eight months old may be more vulnerable to developmental and reproductive toxicity of phthalates. Organic skincare could be a safer alternative, as these refer to products that are made from ingredients grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or genetically modified organisms. Going organic also ensures you don't use stuff that have been through processes which may add other ingredients such as preservatives, colouring and other chemical additives.

When looking for a natural and organic alternative for your wee one, be sure to read the label. Look out for and avoid such ingredients as Ceteareth-12, Ceteareth-20 and Diethanolamine or DEA, which are potential carcinogens and cancer-causing and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS and fragrance, which are possible irritants. Also be sure to avoid anything that has parabens , a potential carcinogen, and Peg-8, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, which are toxic to organ development and alcohol.

Organic creams will tend to include ingredients such as zinc oxide, ultra-purified lanolin, vitamin E, organic tea tree oil, aloe vera, lavender, beeswax, calendula extract, grape seed oil, shea butter, and comfrey. These are safe and natural ingredients which are also effective.

Here are some of Diva's picks for your baby's well-being and comfort:

California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash

Recommended for newborns onwards. This gentle formula does not contain SLS, DEA or numbing agents.

The tea tree is organically grown in Australia and french lavendar promotes calmness. It also works on newborns' cradle cap and dermatitis.

An 8.5oz size bottle retails at for S$22.90






Petit Phyto Hair and Body Shampoo for Children
Formulated with 98 per cent of its ingredients of natural origins, this cheerfully sweet hair and body shampoo with the aroma of peaches and apricot leaves your baby's hair and skin constantly hydrated and softened.

It contains 55 per cent apricot pulp and cornflower, and sweet almond oil. It does not contain soap nor sulphates and cleanses head to toe with coconut oil, castor oil and soybean extracts while maintaining your baby's hydroplipic balance in skin and hair.

It also has a sting-free formula and does not have parabens, phenoxyethanol, colouring agents and silicone.

Suitable for toddlers from three years old onwards.

Retails at all major department stores and Phyto Hair Spa for S$58, for 400ml.




Petit Phyto Detangling Spray for Children
If your growing toddler or tween is in the habit of getting her hair in constant tangles, Petit Phyto Detangling Spray for Children could be the sweet-smelling solution.

It uses a wood cellulose derivative that doesn't block pores on on the scalp and contains 90 per cent blueberries combined with vitamin E to fight free radicals and protect hair against environmental aggression. Blackcurrant hydrates and gives shine to hair, while hydrolized keratin repairs long and damaged hair. Apply with four - five sprays all over head.

Suitable for toddlers from three years old onwards.

Retails at all major department stores and Phyto Hair Spa for S$38, for 150ml.






Buds Cherished Precious Newborn Head to Toe Cleanser
Certified organic by Ecocert with 100 per cent of its ingredients derived from organic farming, mums can be sure their buds are getting chemical-free goodness with this cleanser.

The cleanser uses ultra mild amino acid and sugar derived ingredients for gentle cleansing, while calendula flower extract and aloe vera soothes baby's sensitive skin.

S$27.90 for 250ml from






Gaia Natural Baby Hair and Body Wash
There's no soap or sulphates that can cause dryness on skin. Instead, gentle coconut-derived cleansing agents, certified organic sweet orange pure essential oil and skin softening organic oils including evening primrose oil keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and fresh. 

Organic aloe vera, oat extracts, lavender and ylang ylang all work to calm and soothe skin.

The formula is also free from soap, sulphates, artificial fragrance, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol and petrochemicals.

S$19.50 for 200ml from


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